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Vaping: the secret to quitting smoking and having fun at the same time

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Vaping: a not-so-stupid choice!

It’s not just unicorns who know where to find happiness! Today, I reveal to you my secret to combining pleasure, well-being, and health: vaping! Intrigued? Follow me; I explain everything in this article. Of course, here are some tips for vaping well. Also, look at lost angel pro max 20k for more advice!

Why choose vaping to quit smoking?

Let us get to the point without further ado. You must be asking why you decided to switch to vaping instead of smoking. Well, first of all, the range of flavors available is phenomenal! With different e-liquids, say goodbye to the lousy smoke taste of cigarettes and hello to the areas of cakes, fruits, chocolate, and even your morning cappuccino. Who doesn’t want to add an indulgence and a little magical change to their life?!

The main health benefits of vaping

Notice to all those who still think that vaping is just a fad: think again! So, unlike that good old cigarette, which causes coughs, bad breath, and yellowing of the teeth, with disposable vapes, we rediscover the joy of fresh breath and radiant teeth. Another significant advantage is the absence of combustion. Therefore, the avoidance of all the delicious toxic products found in tobacco smoke. It has been demonstrated that vaping carries fewer health dangers than smoking.

 Tips for vaping well

Don’t worry; I’m not going to stop there without giving you s me advice to enter the vape sphere successfully: don’t neglect the choice of your equipment (electronic cigarette, tank, battery, etc.) and find out about the different types of e-liquids (PG/VG, nicotine levels, etc.).

Let’s look at the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

It would help if you indeed had many questions in mind, reminiscent of the questions of an attentive student at the back of his class. So, I suggest you take the role of your favourite teacher and answer all your questions about Vaping:

Does vaping help you quit smoking? Yes, and I am living proof that it works! Nicotine elements have a much lower success rate than vape. Do not hesitate to look into the studies on this topic if you are interested in learning more.

  • Which nicotine level is ideal to begin Vaping at? The objective is to start with a nicotine level that is a bit lower than what you are used to and gradually increase it if necessary. Exactly how much depends on your past tobacco intake.
  • Should I take my equipment into account when choosing my e-liquid? Absolutely! Your equipment can influence the vapour produced and the restitution of flavours. Therefore, materials are adapted to e-liquids of different compositions (PG/VG) and other types of vaping (direct or indirect).


Sometimes, we need to figure out which devices are suitable. If you are facing the same issues, you can check out the online vape shops usa. Here, you can get the best devices that are not harmful to your health. You can also quit smoking. You can visit the store for more details.