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Veteran Benefits Australia pushes boundaries for Australian veterans

by Anamta bnn
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Benevolence in its purest form, the community thrives on meaningful programs and services that aid ex-ADF members and other veterans.

Massive momentum and insane growth levels of varied industries have made enormous headlines worldwide. Many of these industries have produced some of the greatest professionals, who, while serving their organizations and even post-service, have often received several services they deserved within their community. What if we say this sadly hasn’t been true for many veterans and ex-Australian Defence Force (ADF) members?

It boils people’s blood, especially of the veterans who once served the country passionately, to know that for many years, they did not even know or weren’t even aware of the services they were entitled to. To fill this gap and provide the best assistance and help to veterans, Thomas Bailey established what is today known as “Veteran Benefits Australia.”

Veteran Benefits Australia is for all those Aussie veterans who have felt out of place or not a part of the community. The members have created this incredible community with meaningful health, legal, and other programs to make them feel a part of the community, assist them with their phenomenal services, and ultimately make a positive difference in their lives.

It is all about aiding them in gaining access to services after their military service completion and spreading a message of inclusivity, representation, and positivity among community members. Its mindfulness program includes varied mindfulness activities, music and art therapy, yoga, and much more that veterans can do in the comfort of their homes.

During the pandemic, when many veterans felt isolated and alone, the community helped them by giving them access to psychologists to better their psychological, mental, and emotional well-being and continue their daily meditation practices. On the other hand, they also offer medication management programs to solve the mismanagement of medications among veterans.

This program is a fully funded service for DVA Gold Card Holders, with eligible veterans receiving free-of-charge medications packed in easy-to-use packs and delivered to their door every month.

With his pharmaceutical background, Thomas Bailey, the founder of Veteran Benefits Australia, is proud to combine his field knowledge with his excellent work within the community, offering a solution for veterans struggling with managing medications.

Veteran Benefits Australia (@veteransbenefitsaus) has indeed set new standards of benevolence.