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Weed Seeds vs. Clones: Which Is the Better Option for Your Grow?

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The cannabis industry has registered tremendous growth in the recent past. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global marijuana market size was valued at USD 57.18 billion in 2023 and is expected to hit USD 444. 34 billion by 2030.

Increased awareness of marijuana’s health benefits is the biggest force driving the industry’s growth rate. Consumers also love that weed products come in multiple formulations, depending on their preferred delivery methods.

But before cannabis is available to the mass market, it must first be cultivated under certain conditions. Marijuana plants begin as seeds or clones, with each option having its perks and drawbacks.

If you’re an aspiring cannabis farmer who’s stuck between starting your cultivations from seeds or clones, this article is for you. We’ve outlined a side-by-side comparison between growing weed from seeds or clones.


Cannabis seeds are highly accessible. You can find weed seeds in every other marijuana store across the street.

It’s also possible to order cannabis seeds online and have them delivered to your doorstep. You only need to find a reputable store where to buy weed seeds, place your order, and specify your delivery address.

Clones are harder to find due to the time and effort required to develop them. Most nurseries selling weed clones are also situated in rather isolated areas.

And because of their tenderness, clone cuttings are difficult to ship.

Germination Rate

Cannabis seeds have a considerably lower germination rate. Even under ideal conditions, it’s unlikely that the seeds will sprout up 100%.

The germination rate is even lower for low-quality marijuana seeds.

Consider growing weed from clones if you’re looking to increase their survival rate.

Up to 100% of cloned cuttings can reach full maturity if properly cared for.


Affordability and accessibility often go hand in hand.

The fact that cannabis seeds are easier to find consequently makes them cheaper than clones.

However, as mentioned, seeds have a lower germination rate. So, you’ll need to invest in premium-quality seeds to recoup your return on investment (ROI).

Growing Experience

Marijuana seeds are highly delicate in their earlier growth stage. Therefore, proper handling requires skill and experience.

For starters, you’ll need to understand the moisture conditions under which cannabis seeds germinate. You’ll also require basic knowledge of potting, transplanting, etc.

Clones are essentially young plants developed from cuttings of a mature plant. They require little growing experience since they’re technically past their germination stage.

Overall Resilience

Marijuana is one of the hardiest plants. But like any herb, weed is vulnerable in its germination and seedling stages.

Cannabis seeds may be difficult to work with during the initial germination and growth phase. However, they’re more resilient than clones due to their superior genotypic characteristics.

Cannabis plants grown from seeds can thrive in several climatic conditions. That’s in contrast to clones, which require controlled environments.

It’s true that you’ll require basic growing knowledge to properly germinate cannabis seeds. But once the seeds reach the same stage as a clone, their survival rates increase dramatically.

Maturation Period

Cannabis trees grown from seeds take longer to reach harvest than those originating from clones.

That’s because seeds require several days or weeks to germinate and develop into seedlings.

In contrast, weed clones skip the germination stage. You can simply root your young plants and then transplant them to their permanent growing location.

Strain Selection

Weed occurs in multiple strains, and the number is constantly rising.

Most marijuana strains have existed from time immemorial. However, a decent percentage have been developed recently by seasoned growers.

It’s easier to develop cannabis strains from seeds than clones. All you need is to breed certain males with females.

Clones are typically cut from mother plants of specific breeds. So it’s difficult to develop unique strains from them.

Genetic Characteristics

When you grow marijuana from clones, the offspring will possess exact traits as its mother plants, including size, shape, and taste.

It’s good to know if the mother plant had excellent characteristics. But if the parent plant had bad traits, such as underlying genetic disorders, those characteristics would pass on to the offspring.

Breeding clones makes it difficult to weed out undesirable traits.

For comparison, cannabis plants that grow from seeds tend to be healthier due to their diverse genomes. Cultivating weed from seeds is an organic way to eliminate undesirable genetic characteristics from the parent plants.

Yield Volumes

Cannabis seeds typically produce higher yield volumes than clones. That’s especially true for feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds grow into feminized plants, which usually have richer buds than their male counterparts.

Clones may also produce bumper harvests if the growing conditions are right.

However, cloned weed plants often produce low-quality buds due to their genetic homogeneity and lower resilience.

Wrap Up

Growing cannabis from seeds lets you breed your own strains while eliminating undesired traits. Seeds are also easier to access and more affordable. On the other hand, growing weed from clones eliminates the number of male plants in your farm while producing trees that are identical to their parents. Clones also have a higher germination rate and faster maturation.

Whichever option you pick depends on several factors, such as whether you’re a part-time, small-scale grower or a full-time, large-scale farmer. For instance, it’s easier to work with clones if you’re a part-time cultivator since they require less experience and hands-on monitoring.