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What are Luxury Urns?

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Table of Contents

  1. What are Luxury Urns?
  2. Significance of Luxury Cremation Urns
  3. Buying Luxury Urns Online

Key Takeaways

  1. Luxury urns are urns that are more lavish and therefore also a little more costly than a typical cremation urn.
  2. Most luxury urns are customizable and offer additional features such as engraving.
  3. Luxury urns are typically made of premium quality wood which is sustainably sourced and are usually handcrafted by artisans.
  4. A luxury urn is a good choice for people who are creative or for people who want their passing to be a positive experience for their loved ones.
  5. At Titan Casket we now have Samuel Mitchell Design luxury urns available for sale in multiple designs, colors and sizes.

What are Luxury Urns?

A luxury urn is an urn that offers an elevated look and is customizable so that you can honor the loss of your loved one in style. Many people opt for luxury urns if they feel that the deceased person would have wanted something bespoke and grand to commemorate their passing. Most cremation urns have a sleek and modern design and are made of either metal or wood. You can also get luxury pet urns or luxury keepsake urns.

In the end, the choice of going for a luxury urn will depend on the personality of the deceased person. Luxury urns can provide a more meaningful memorial of the loss you and your loved ones have endured. The possibility of customization also helps the mourners gain closure by feeling like they were able to give their loved one the best farewell possible.

Significance of Luxury Cremation Urns

Luxury over the top urns are available in several different styles or makes from various retailers both online and offline. Some people want to leave a positive legacy behind after they have passed on from this world. For such people, a luxury urn might be the most appropriate choice, especially if they have expressed the desire for a lavish farewell. People with a passion or flair for art may also want an urn that offers freedom of creativity through customization.

Although urns are most commonly kept by people in their houses, many people choose to bury urns in the ground with the cremated remains of the deceased inside, so you can also go for luxury burial urns if that is what you prefer. However if you are planning to bury the cremation urn then it would be best to go for a metal urn rather than a wooden one since that would offer better resistance against the elements underground.

Buying Luxury Urns Online

There are several online retailers that have luxury cremation urns as well as luxury burial urns available for sale. You can look at Etsy if you want something unique and irreplaceable.  At Titan Casket we offer multiple Samuel Mitchell Design luxury urns which are found only in the best funeral homes, and all these urns are handcrafted by artisans and are made out of sustainably sourced wood. 

These urns are available in multiple sizes from small to XXL and they have color options as well so that you can buy the version that suits your needs best. The prices of these urns range from $295 to $695 depending on the style and size you pick. You can also opt to customize any of these urns by adding an engraving for $45, and you can choose the kind of plaque you prefer from among a few options. The elegant design of these urns makes them a seamless addition to your home decor. 

The two designs available are the Langley urn and the Murray urn. The Langley comes with a middle body made of metal and is available in three exterior colors – cherry, poplar, and black walnut. The Murray is available in the colors warm brown or gray. It opens from the bottom and it features an interior made of mahogany wood.