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What are some famous locations hurghada map?

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Discover the most important and best islands and natural reserves in the tourist city of Hurghada in the Red Sea, Egypt, and how you can reach rare places to spend a special time with friends and family.


one of the largest tourist resorts on the Red Sea, attracts numerous visitors from all over the world every year. There are a large number of diving centers that teach beginners how to dive.

Since many boat trips to the nearby islands of Giftun, Abu Ramada or to the reefs of EL Fanadir start from Hurghada, the underwater world here is too crowded for experienced divers.

Once in Hurghada, however, you should definitely take part in a boat trip. Giftun, Mahmya or Orange Bay are great regions that can be reached from Hurghada.

Diving for Beginners in Egypt EL Gouna, A site popular with wreck divers is Abu Nuhas (Father of Bad Luck) the area is known as a ship graveyard due to the reef there. Abu Nuhas is approximately 2 hours boat ride from Hurghada.

At least 5 ships have fallen victim to the reef’s treachery. The freighter Carnatic is one of the oldest wrecks covered in coral that is accessible to divers. Come with us on one of our liveaboards and can do Day Trips from Hurghada to Giza Pyramids from your hotel in Hurghada.

The well-organized day trips with at least 2 diving stops give you a good mood-diving-swimming-snorkeling and making new friends. Diving forms the basis for long-lasting friendships! The motto for the next holiday: diving among friends – diving for beginners in Egypt Hurghada!

Giftun Island

The Greater Giftun Island is the largest of the Giftun Group islands, with an area of ​​18 km2, with a coastline of 34 km at a rate of 1.9 per square km of its total area.

Giftun Island is one of the wonderful islands away from the shore of the Red Sea Egypt, and Giftun Island is about 11 km from Hurghada Beach.

When snorkeling on Giftun Island, you will enjoy watching a variety of colorful coral reefs and many different water activities, enjoy a wonderful day trip to Giftun Island by boat, enjoy swimming, or even just relax on the beach.

When you dive on Giftun Island, you will enjoy wonderful views of the Red Sea shore during a picturesque boat trip to this island, then slide below the surface to see the wonderful fish and bright coral.

While snorkeling you’ll see dolphins swimming and playing along the coast, and enjoy a relaxing lunch on board, where you can spend the afternoon soaking up the sun, swimming or exploring the underwater world.

It is one of the most important tourist islands in Hurghada, which is characterized by very clear waters and wonderful coral reefs that you can dive with. You can also see it from the boat without diving due to the severity of the water. It is also called Nawras Island because it is the most important home for seagulls.

Magawish Island:

It is one of the largest tourist islands in Hurghada, as it is called the Paradise of the Red Sea, because its waters contain a variety of colorful and attractive fish of all sizes and shapes. It also enjoys calm and calm waves, and you can practice diving and water sports and enjoy its beauty.

Abu Minqar Island:

It is characterized by beautiful coral reefs. It was called by that name due to the fact that the eastern end of it is in the form of a tongue of sand in a zigzag shape very similar to the beak of a bird.

There are also many other diving places in Hurghada, such as East Belinda Reefs, West Belinda Reefs, Abu Ramada Island, West Abu Ramada, Al-Fanadir Island, Umm Al-Esh Reefs, Carlos Reefs, Umm Qamar Reefs, Abu Qatra Reefs, Al-Araf Reefs, in the south of Hurghada.

While north of Hurghada, it includes diving places such as: Seyal Island, Al-Sakhr Island, Elfin Stern, Dolphin House, Naqari, Sheikh Malik, Ras Tarnobi, Abu Diba, Falui Al-Soghra, Sharm Reefs, Wadi El-Gamal reefs, and Masourah reefs.

Usually the snorkeling trip includes round trip transfers, clothes and full diving equipment, lunch on the boat, hot and cold drinks and water

The diving trip takes 7 hours, as the trip starts at nine in the morning and ends at four in the afternoon, with the necessary information and explanation of the basics and rules of diving for beginners.

There is no doubt that trips to diving sites in Hurghada are among the most beautiful and exciting adventures that are very passionate and fun that everyone wishes to do.

Sahl Hasheesh

The most important beach tourist places for recreation and relaxation in Egypt Tourism in the Red Sea to do the most beautiful Boat Trips, snorkeling and swimming.

It is a bay located on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt, facing on the other side, the city and port of Sharm El-Sheikh, and it is about 18 km from Hurghada International Airport.

Sahl Hasheesh is home to a number of islands and coral reefs, which can be viewed during the diving process. Close to this bay, there is an island named Abu Hashish, a local reserve that contains a thriving community with life and the identification of the enamel fish ring.

In that city, tourists and residents can find a treasure trove of artificial coral reefs, which attract fish, which are generally preferred by tourists when diving and swimming.

In 2009, Sahl Hasheesh was ranked as one of the most upscale resorts in the Middle East region and won the first place in the 2016 Travel Advisors Choice Travelers Award for the 25 Best Luxury Hotels in Egypt.

One of the best trips that we always recommend to visitors when they are in Hurghada is a diving trip to Giftun Island, which we also offer at Hurghada Excursions. You can during
this trip swim and dive in the warm and clear waters of the Red Sea and enjoy the beautiful coastline of Hurghada.
While other holiday resorts in Egypt such as the one in Sharm El Sheikh also offer great diving opportunities, the diving trips you can take in Hurghada because of the amazing locations are,
really much nicer. Especially the trip to the beautiful island of Giftun and the Marsa Alam Excursions are really worth it.
The best restaurants
There are many good restaurants in Hurghada where most tourists when they visit the city definitely have a bite to eat. You can think of Safra Restaurant, Shatt Alexandria Restaurant, El Gouna Pastry Restaurant,
Steak House Grill Restaurant.

Best Cafes in Hurghada:
Hurghada has many cafes and cafes suitable for tourists; to spend the best times, such as Costa Cafi, 4U Cafi, Moca Cafi, Mashrabiya Café Shop, Lindsay Café.