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What are the 5 different types of game being played by the players?

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The world of games is all about fun, and earning some points in the end as a result. Therefore, it’s necessary for ‌ game developers to invest enough time in understanding the game, and then start developing it. 

If you look further into the industry, you would be amazed to find that a game app development company has trained their employees to spend enough time understanding different genres of games, and come up with a similar application. 

If a game developer is coming to you for grabbing any specific information, it’s mandatory for the clients to facilitate them with it. 

Anyhow, in this blog we are going to list down the 5 different types of games that are being played by the players worldwide. 

A game developer will definitely understand these types of games, and will come up with an interesting and playful application. 

Are you ready to explore the different types of games with us and its relevant examples?

Let’s get started then!

Game App Development – Interesting Facts That One Can’t Afford To Ignore

In this section, we are going to discuss  the different statistics related to the gaming industry, and how one could benefit themselves from it. 

  1. More than 80% of the population spends their time using different types of games. If you check their phones, you will find puzzle games, arcade games, etc.
  2. Kids are seen spending more time downloading, and playing different types of games. 
  3. The United States is considered as the hub place for the introduction of games to the world. 
  4. The market size of the video games software development industry is estimated to be 2.69 billion US dollars.

We hope you are now clear with the basics, and now are good to start with the different types of game. 

The Top 5 Types Of Games Being Played In The United States

In this section, we are going to explore different types of games that are being played within the US. 

1. Entertainment Games

The first type of game that we are going to discuss is entertainment games where there are different games being launched. 

For example, Basketball stars, My Dolphin Show, Puzzle Bubble, etc. These types of games are listed beneath the entertainment genre, and both adults plus kids love to spend their time playing this game, and enjoy a fun time with their friends and families. 

All of these games are developed by professional game app developers who hold years of experience dealing with different genres of games, and help the clients achieve the desired game in the expected time frame.

2. Arcade Games

The second type of game that we are going to explore is Arcade games, which is hands down one of the best categories of games. 

Adults love to play arcade games where there are fictional playgrounds developed to give them a real-time experience. 

There are different types of game being played by the players from the arcade categories like Donkey Kong, Pac Man 1980, Space Invaders, Asteroids, etc.

These types of games are played by the players on their phones and laptops. You may also download these from different play stores, and get the best version of it. 

Did you know?

Action games can improve your vision. Studies have shown that these types of games can increase ‌spatial resolution, making ‌gamers better at seeing objects, and understanding the shades of color.

3. Puzzle Games

This is one of the most interesting and trending types of games that you will find on the mobile phones of older people, too. 

Yes, you read it right. Puzzle games consist of different levels, and each level has their own scale of difficulties. 

There are different types of puzzle games that are made available for iPhone, Android, and Desktop users. 

Brain age, Adventures of Lolo, Tetris, Braid, Picross DS, etc. All of these games are played by players to spend a good time with their friends, and have a good memory. 

4, Sports Games

Another type of game that a mobile app development company San Francisco develops is sports games, which is hands down one of the most trending among young adults. 

Boys are seen downloading these types of games, and playing a great match with their friends who are on the team.

Most trending sports games include Basketball stars, 8-ball pool, Retro pool, Soccer skills, penalty shooters, and Basketball random. 

Most of these games are multi-players whereas, some of them are single-players. You can download these games from play stores on your phones, or desktop pc for a more exciting experience. 

5. RPG Games

The last and fifth type of game that we are going to discuss in this blog is, RPG game that is indeed an action role based game. 

If you love fantasy, and want to spend a good time with your friends, then these types of games are the best for you. You get the chance to play the role of the main character, and be the hero of the game. 

It’s basically an imagination based game which you can play with your friends, and download it on your personal computers. A lot of RPG games are available for mobile phone users as well. 

Wrapping up – Your Million Dollar Game App Is Just A Click Away!

As you have now learned about the different types of game, the next few steps are to hire a professional game app development agency and share your game pre-requisites with them. If they understand the key reason for developing the game, and what will be the basic story on which the entire game will lie then, you are at the right place. 

If not, then, definitely you’ve taken a new start and got connected with other companies. We help you find your ideal game app development company or developer for all types of game, and come up with an affordable working package. Happy Reading.