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What are the Best Remedies to Lose Weight Naturally?

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Are your tried of tried of trying different dietary forms to lose weight? If yes, then this is the read for you. We all want to be in our best shape without putting in so much effort. Well, this is possible by just introducing minor changes in your diet. Science has proved that your weight is decided by 80% of your diet and 20% of your active lifestyle. Therefore, it can be said that eating right will surely help you lose inches. Here we discuss some of the best food items that will help you lose weight and maintain your lost weight.

Best foods to lose weight

We have summarized the list of the best food items that will help you in the long run to lose weight.

  • Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit benefits your body in many ways. It helps to boost the metabolism thereby increasing the energy levels of the body. It is a great remedy for losing weight because your body burns out the food into energy and does not support the conversion into fat. Dragon fruits benefit the gut health by improving digestion. It ensures that the intestines release better enzymes for digesting food. One does not tend to feel tired with dragon fruit. This means you can work out for long hours with high energy levels.

  • Medha Vati

Medha Vati is another ayurvedic herb that goes a long way to increase weight loss. It makes your body feel full thereby reducing your appetite. You don’t crave carbohydrates with Medha Vati. Medha Vati also helps you to feel energetic most of the time. It helps your body to switch to a lower calorie diet easily. With Medha Vati, your mind feels relaxed. It even increases your immunity and strengthens your metabolism.

  • Pineapple

After discussing Medha Vati and Dragon fruit benefits, we discuss yet another fruit which is equally effective in losing pounds. Pineapple is one such fruit which will enable you to go a long way in your weight loss journey. Pineapple helps to shed a lot of weight in very less time if consumed empty stomach. It is rich in antioxidants that flushes out the toxins from the body. They burn out the stubborn fat that has been deposited under the skin. Pineapple is the tastiest fruit you can add to your weight loss menu.

  • Spirulina

Just like Dragon fruits benefit your body by increasing the rate of combustion in your body, Spirulina is a naturally occurring algae that helps to boost the release of energy. This compound comes from spirogyra which is rich in protein. It is a great supplement for supporting weight loss. Spirulina helps to increase metabolic activities in your body. It helps to burn more fat and release energy. It maintains your glucose levels of the body as well.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

This is the best probiotic drink that you can actually come across. Apple cider vinegar benefits your body in the best way. Its effects are similar to like Medha Vati. It has the best antioxidant properties that help in losing weight. It breaks down sugar and converts the same to energy. Apple Cider Vinegar is really good for gut health. It is a great source of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus as well. This actually means that you would not be compromising on your essential minerals despite being on a diet.


This basically leads to the conclusion that people have been trying hard to lose weight but with inclusion of these food items in their daily diet it will become possible for them to lose as much weight as they want. In fact, you can even afford a cheat meal with these foods. It is best in every way and it nourishes your body without making your starve.


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