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What is a CR2 Battery? Everything You Need to Know

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Despite their small size, CR2 batteries are powerful powerhouses that are often overlooked in the world of batteries. These cylindrical cells are small, but they provide high energy density and reliability, making them an essential component in a variety of electronic devices. A CR2 battery keeps gadgets running smoothly, from digital cameras to laser pointers. 

The purpose of this comprehensive guide is to provide you with all the information you need about CR2 batteries, to include their composition, uses, advantages, and how to optimize their performance. This guide is for everyone — from tech enthusiasts and photographers to those simply interested in battery technology — so that you can better understand the crucial role CR2 batteries play in today’s world.

What is a CR2 Battery?

Lithium batteries, such as CR2 batteries, are widely used to power a variety of electronic devices. The cylindrical shape and small size of these batteries make them desirable. Their diameter is about 15.6mm and their height is around 27mm. Three volts is the typical voltage of CR2 batteries.

An electric battery produces electricity through the chemical reaction of lithium manganese dioxide, which is signified by the “CR” designation. CR2 batteries are classified according to their size by the “2” in their names. In comparison to their size, CR2 batteries are known to store a great deal of energy. Compact devices need long-lasting power, but have limited space. This makes them ideal for such devices.

How Long Do CR2 Batteries Last?

CR2 batteries have varying lifespans depending on how well they are manufactured and how they are used. Depending on the usage of the battery, it can still have a large range of service life if it is fresh and purchased from a reliable source. A CR2 battery is unlikely to last more than a month for highly energy-demanding applications, such as high-lumen flashlights. It is possible with the right conditions to get over a year of service life for a more passive application such as a home security alarm panel. You should know what you’re going to use your CR2 battery for before purchasing.

CR2 Battery Applications 

The small size, high energy density, and reliable performance of CR2 batteries make them ideal for use in a variety of electronic devices. Some common applications are outlined below:

Digital Cameras: Many digital cameras use CR2 batteries, particularly compact models and those intended for professional use. In addition to powering the camera’s functions, these batteries also enable it to capture images and videos. In addition to their compact size, they are highly energy dense, making them suitable for long-lasting photography sessions.

Flashlights and Portable Lights: A number of handheld flashlights and portable lights use CR2 batteries to power their lights, including tactical flashlights and emergency lights. These outdoor lights are suitable for emergencies, law enforcement, and security work because of their high energy density, which allows them to illuminate for extended periods of time.

Laser Pointers: Additionally, CR2 batteries are commonly used to power laser pointers, which are used for presentations, lectures, and other professional purposes. It is possible to accurately point and highlight during presentations or demonstrations thanks to the stable voltage output of CR2 batteries.

Medical Devices: Medical devices of all types use CR2 batteries, including glucose monitors, infrared thermometers, and other small electronic devices. For monitoring health conditions and providing medical care, these batteries provide accurate measurements and reliable operation.

Security Systems: 

The batteries in some security systems, like wireless motion sensors, door and window sensors, and remote key fobs, provide power. It is possible to power these devices continuously for extended periods of time without having to change batteries frequently because CR2 batteries have a compact size and a long shelf life.

Golf Rangefinders: For accurate distance measurement on the course, golfers often use CR2 batteries to power their golf rangefinders. Since they are small in size, they fit neatly into these devices, and because they contain a high amount of energy, they provide reliable performance throughout many rounds.

Remote Controls: In certain home automation systems, as well as garage door openers, CR2 batteries power remote controls for electronics. These remote controls are reliable and can control a variety of devices and systems due to the stable voltage output and long life of CR2 batteries.

Where to buy CR2 Batteries?

In recent years, CR2 batteries have become increasingly popular and common. As a result, this battery is made by many different manufacturers and is sold by many different retailers. The quality of CR2 batteries varies from retailer to retailer; not all retailers are the same. Buying batteries from a highly reputable electronics components retailer that sells only the best quality brands is the best way to avoid low quality or counterfeit batteries. 


A vital role is played by CR2 batteries in the electrical powering of a wide range of electronic devices in all sorts of industries and on a daily basis. From digital cameras to medical instruments and security systems, CR2 batteries provide the power necessary to keep devices running smoothly due to their compact size, high energy density, and reliable performance. 

Disposing of CR2 batteries responsibly is important for safety and environmental protection. It is important to handle and dispose of them responsibly, even though they offer convenience and longevity. CR2 batteries continue to provide the power needed to drive innovation and convenience in the modern world, even as technology continues to evolve.


How long do CR2 batteries last?

CR2 batteries have varying lifespans based on their usage patterns, device specifications, and environmental conditions. When used intermittently, CR2 batteries can power devices for extended periods of time and have a shelf life of several years.

Are CR2 batteries rechargeable?

There is typically no way to recharge CR2 batteries. It is not recommended that these batteries be recharged as they are designed for one-time use.

How should CR2 batteries be stored?

It is recommended to store CR2 batteries at room temperature in a cool and dry place. It is important to avoid storing them at high temperatures or in humid environments that could shorten their lifespan and affect their performance.