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What Is Best For Shoppers And Sellers? Etsy Vs Amazon

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With the increasing demand for the market products both for purchasing and for selling, there is always a big question mark about where to shop from. In the face of global marketing, there are two giant e-commerce platforms to choose from; Etsy vs Amazon! They are both giant marketplaces to shop and sell a wide range of items online. 

The comparison between Etsy Vs Amazon will largely depend on the individual’s choice and preferences but one of the key factors that set Etsy apart from Amazon is that it pays keen attention to homemade craftsmanship and promotion of small businesses, whereas Amazon is far behind in that aspect. But both generally have their own pros and cons. 

If you are looking for a reliable online platform to sell your items you have come to the right place. This blog will help you to find your ultimate destiny to shop and sell online. 

Why Choose Etsy for Selling Your Unique Items?

When it comes to Etsy vs Amazon, selling on Etsy gives numerous advantages for individuals and small agencies trying to reach a much broader audience and promote homemade, vintage, or particular items. 

Here are 5 advantages of promoting on this website:

  • Customized Marketplace: 

It is an e-commerce platform in particular designed for handmade and unique antiques. This specialization creates a targeted market where shoppers actively seek out one-of-a-type merchandise. This attention can bring about a higher likelihood of finding interested and engaged customers for areas of interest or specialized merchandise.

  • Global Reach: 

It affords sellers to get entry to a global purchaser base. The platform’s international attain allows sellers to connect to customers from around the world, increasing the ability for sales and publicity. It handles currency conversion and allows dealers to ship across the world, making it easier to tap into numerous markets.

  • Easy Setup and Low Costs: 

Setting up a store on this website is surprisingly sincere, and the platform provides gear and assets to assist dealers get commenced. The prices for list objects and transaction costs are typically reasonable compared to different e-trade systems. This makes it an appealing option for people and small businesses seeking out a low-price entry into online retail.

  • Community and Networking: 

It fosters an experience of network among sellers and consumers. The platform encourages interaction through functions like forums and occasions. This network factor can lead to networking opportunities, collaboration with different sellers, and precious insights into enhancing merchandise or shop management.

  • Built-in Trust: 

Etsy has constructed popularity as a trustworthy platform for hand-crafted and specific items. Buyers regularly feel extra confident buying from this website due to its emphasis on helping independent sellers. The platform additionally provides purchaser and supplier protections, which can assist in constructing consideration and credibility for sellers.

Why choose Amazon for Selling your Items? 

When it comes to Etsy vs Amazon both have advantages for the sellers. Just like Etsy, Amazon has some benefits for sellers. Here are some of the 5 advantages for those who are looking forward to selling their products on this site. 

  • Global Reach: 

This is a global market with a vast client base. Sellers can attain clients not only in their nearby location but also around the sector. This affords a first-rate possibility to amplify marketplace outreach and increase sales potential.

  • Fulfillment by using Amazon (FBA): 

Amazon’s FBA program lets sellers leverage the company’s massive fulfillment community. Sellers can save their merchandise in their warehouses and they handle packing, shipping, and customer service. This can save sellers’ time and permit them to focus on growing their enterprise.

  • Trust and Credibility: 

It is a properly set up and trusted online market. Many customers opt to make purchases on this site due to its popularity for reliability, customer support, and secure charge system. Being related to its logo can increase a vendor’s credibility and make clients much more likely to agree with and buy from them.

  • Access to Prime Members: 

Amazon Prime membership constitutes a good-sized part of the patron base. Sellers on the site can enjoy the benefits by providing Prime membership products. This can cause product visibility, higher conversion rates, and higher consumer satisfaction because of quicker delivery alternatives.

  • Marketplace and Tools: 

It is a strong platform with diverse tools and resources to help dealers manage their corporations successfully. This includes analytics, marketing alternatives, and supplier assistance. The marketplace structure also permits dealers to tap into current traffic on the website, increasing the visibility of their merchandise. 

Limitation for Selling Online: Etsy vs Amazon 

When it comes to Etsy vs Amazon, both offer extensive opportunities for selling products online but there are a few limitations that may become drawbacks for sellers worldwide. 

1. Limitation of Amazon 

  • Market Competition: High competition can make it hard to face out, specifically in popular product categories.


  • Fees: it imposes various charges, which include listing expenses, referral costs, and fulfillment prices. These costs can affect your income margins if you are running a small business.


  • Strict Policies: It has strict regulations, and not following the regulations can lead to account suspension or closure. Understanding and adhering to those regulations is essential.


  • Limited Branding: Its awareness is in the marketplace and among the reputed seller branding. For small businesses this can make it tough for dealers to set up a completely unique brand presence.


  • Review System: While evaluations are essential for building consideration, the evaluation system can also be susceptible to manipulation and unfair opposition.


  • Inventory Management: Managing stock and dealing with potential stockouts or overstock situations can be complex, particularly for dealers. 

2. Etsy 

  • Handmade and Vintage Focus: This site is usually known for homemade, vintage, and particular objects. If your merchandise doesn’t match those classes, it may not be the precise platform.


  • Listing Fees and Transaction Fees: It charges list expenses, transaction prices, and fee processing fees. These charges can impact your average profitability.


  • Limited Product Range: Its focus on hand-crafted and precise objects can also restrict the varieties of merchandise you may sell compared to a greater preferred marketplace. 


  • Search Algorithm: Its search set of rules might not be as state-of-the-art as larger systems, making it tough for brand new sellers to get their products noticed.


  • Branding Challenges: Similar to Amazon, it focuses more on the general market than personal vendor manufacturers. Establishing a logo identity may be harder.


  • Competition from Mass Producers: While this site began as a platform for handmade and specific objects, it now also allows the sale of synthetic goods. This can grow competition from larger, mass-generating businesses.

Overall Comparison of Etsy vs Amazon 

Lets do a thorough comparison of Etsy vs Amazon:   

Feature  Etsy  Amazon 
Primary Focus  Handmade, Vintage, and Unique items  General marketplace with a vast range of products 
Seller types  Individuals, Small Business, artisans  Individuals, small businesses, large retailers 
Products Range  Handmade, Vintage, and Craft supplies  Almost everything, from electronics to groceries 
Product customization  Customizable and unique products  Limited customization 
Marketplace fee  Listing fee, transaction fee, payment processing fee  Referral fee, closing fee, subscription fee 
Seller control  More Control over products and shop appearance   Limited control of standardized product pages 
Shipping options  Depends on individual sellers can vary widely  Standard shipping options often with Prime benefits 
Reviews  system Focus on individual shop reviews  Product reviews for particular products and sellers’ reviews 
Promotion and Marketing  Sellers responsible for promoting their shops and Etsy promotion opportunities  Opportunities for sponsored product ads and promotions 
Platform ease of use  User-friendly interface, easy for small business  User friendly but the complexity may be higher for some sellers 


Thus, it’s very clear when it comes to Etsy vs Amazon that there is no shortage of benefits for shoppers and sellers. But by far in the comparison between Etsy versus Amazon, Etsy is a better platform for those who are opting for handcrafts or searching for unique handcraft items in the market. While on the other hand, Amazon is more of a global market for a wide variety of items. But when it comes to fashion items, Etsy has more high-quality and unique designs items on fashion products. It is also a fantastic choice as the best B2C selling platform. You can learn more about what’s better in this battle between Etsy vs Amazon on Feedhour


Which is better Amazon or Etsy for selling products?

Both equally have their pros and cons. But if you are looking to sell handmade products, Etsy is the best option. And also for small businesses, it is an affordable online selling platform. 

What is the benefit of selling on Etsy? 

Etsy has a large and engaged community of craftsmanship and also a community of buyers globally. It can help you reach your target audience with your products. 

How Etsy is better than Amazon?

  • It’s more affordable 
  • More variety of handcraft products in fashion 
  • More reliable for sellers and shoppers 
  • Fast and easy to use 
  • More reliable for getting genuine products