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What Is Event Management? Everything You Need To Know

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Arranging any type of social event, from staff support to team-building exercises to the debut of a brand-aware product, can be taxing and intimidating for all those engaged. To conduct a successful event, you need a set of abilities that not everyone possesses: event management. But what is event management? Here is everything you need to know!

What Is Event Management?

Event management is the process of organizing and carrying out events. While many sectors, like entertainment, base their whole operation around events, many companies depend heavily on event management. Many different types of businesses frequently hold several events during the course of a quarter or year.

This also applies to virtual events. TRegardless of location, your event still has to be well-planned to keep costs and scope within reasonable bounds. As a  well-established DMC with over 15 years of experience, we believe a good event management company must handle almost all of that planning for our clients.

7 Key Elements In Event Management


Strategic planning sessions are always the first step in the event management process. You may establish specific goals, describe the event’s parameters, and draft an elaborate action plan using this approach.

Establishing deadlines and goals and allocating resources effectively to accomplish this is best. This will ensure that all elements of the event are in line with its overall objectives, resulting in a well-defined plan.


A project’s budget serves as the event’s detailed financial plan. It entails the dissection of expenditures, covering marketing, venue charges, planning, and backup plans.

Thorough planning ensures that every dollar goes toward the event’s success by preventing overspending and enabling resource efficiency. Budgetary restraints must be adhered to by constant observation and any necessary modifications.

Venue Selection

An event’s success depends heavily on its chosen site. When selecting a location, it’s crucial to take the event’s type, the intended audience, and the logistical needs into account.

The site sets the tone and the vibe for the whole event, whether it’s a highly anticipated sporting event, a high-profile business conference, or a lively concert. A Chau Event understands more than anything that the event’s success is influenced by the right setting, which elevates the whole experience.


Notifying the appropriate individuals about your upcoming event is crucial if you want them to attend. As a result, event planners have to have a comprehensive marketing plan that includes determining the target demographic, selecting appropriate distribution methods, and producing engaging content.

Utilizing media influencers, collaborations, email marketing, and social media can create buzz and anticipation. An event’s attendance and impact are maximized when effectively marketed to attract its target demographic.

Technology Integration

Technology is essential for improving the experience of events. For organizers, mobile applications, virtual platforms, and event management software are important tools that help with logistics, online registration, interactive features during the event, and so on. 

These tools improve communication, simplify procedures, and offer creative methods to get people interested.

Risk Management

It is quite easy to ignore hazards. Nonetheless, as an experienced DMC (destination management company) in the field, we’re aware that it is imperative to foresee and reduce any risks associated with holding an event. A thorough risk management plan includes spotting possible obstacles, creating backup plans, and implementing a crisis management plan.

When it comes to handling technological problems, unforeseen weather shifts, or logistical problems, being proactive with risk management guarantees that the event proceeds as planned, no matter what difficulty might occur.

Team Collaboration

It takes a team to handle an event. Therefore, leaders must encourage teamwork among their members. At A Chau Event, we always establish clear roles and duties, encourage open communication, and promote a collaborative culture.

A well-oiled crew ensures that everything runs smoothly on the day, contributing to the event’s success as a whole.

The Five C’s In Event Management

To guarantee a successful event, the five c’s are essential components of event coordination.

  • Concept: Think about the idea. Why are you the event’s host? What do you want others to remember after attending the event?
  • Coordination: Getting in touch with suppliers, employees, and everyone else associated with the event is part of this step. A well-organized event requires a schedule including dates, timings, and pertinent information.
  • Control: The key component of event planning is control. It’s important to get in touch with venues again, check the areas hosting the event, and make backup plans in case things don’t go as planned.
  • Culmination: To guarantee a smooth and successful event, an event management company has to be extremely organized throughout this time. Ensure that clients are satisfied and amused, that the timetable is adhered to, and that any technicalities are handled.
  • Conclusion: At the end of the event, you should pay off any unpaid suppliers, close out contracts, and give your team feedback. Above all, follow up with guests to find out what they liked and what they felt might have been improved.

What Are The Responsibilities And Skills That An Event Management Team Must Have?

Work With Vendors And Venues

Even a modest event with one caterer and one venue may take weeks of planning, negotiating, and paperwork. Large events might involve hundreds of providers and many locations.

Teams in charge of event management are responsible for scheduling, contract negotiations and reviews, and contract acquisition. As a result, team members must gather, monitor, and evaluate a variety of data, including contact and payment information, vendor availability, and line-item pricing breakdowns.

Promote The Event

An event cannot be successful without participants. Thus, regardless of your goals (making money, winning over a high-profile customer, etc.), you must think of original ways to advertise your event.

Depending on how your team is organized, event managers may work closely with their marketing team or handle all event promotion aspects, including direct mail, email marketing, social media, and internet advertising.

Develop Emergency Plans

You know what they say: think positive, but prepare for the worst. Professional event agencies like A Chau Event always have backup plans, just in case we have to deal with any number of potential setbacks, such as bad weather or unexpected news.

The management team must gather important data such as emergency contact information, participant head counts (attendees, vendors, etc.), maps with well-defined emergency exits, and more. Ultimately, ensure it is simple and quick to distribute these plans to everyone who requires them.

Secure Permits And Payments

Most events need secure permission of some kind. Event management firms need permission to erect stages, close off specific streets, and serve alcohol. This entails contacting the appropriate city representatives, completing forms, and making payments. Event managers also need to ensure that permit rules are followed throughout the event.

Besides, collaboration between the finance and event management departments helps the business avoid late penalties and keep positive vendor connections. Team members review every vendor contract and consolidate important payment data to ensure nothing slips between the cracks. 

This includes information such as desired payment options, the dates on which deposits and outstanding amounts are due, and the vendor’s contact details for the person in charge of payments.

If you are looking for a team that can tick all of the above boxes, A Chau Event is a great recommendation. Being one of the best event agencies in Vietnam, it can plan and create a tailored event that suits all the criteria you need, ensuring everything is smooth sailing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Event Planning And Event Management?

Event management includes every event facet, from conception and planning to implementation and evaluation after the event. It includes organizing finances, marketing, communication, and logistics. 

On the contrary, event planning concentrates on the particulars of an occasion. This covers activities like looking for locations, making reservations for suppliers, setting up schedules, and handling finances.

Which Is Better, Event Management Or Project Management?

It is hard to say which one is better. Event managers actively participate in all aspects of the project’s execution, monitoring, and control concurrently and equally. 

Meanwhile, project managers could be involved only in remote monitoring and evaluation over a longer duration of time and not at all in the actual implementation of their initiatives.

Is Event Management Related To Marketing?

Yes. Event marketing and management are essential in every comprehensive marketing plan. The increased audience engagement and financial gains more than justify the time and effort required to plan an event. Thus, it is safe to say that hosting an event is one of the most effective marketing strategies that most companies apply to promote themselves.

To Sum Up

Now, you know what event management is after reading this article. The goals of event management are to put together a fantastic experience, make relationships, fill the funnel with leads for sales, and demonstrate success. 

If you want to create an experience that guests won’t soon forget, A Chau Event is the recommended team. 

This insightful piece is shared by Mr. Pham Minh Duc – CEO of A Chau Event. Established in 2008, this leading event-planning company has successfully conducted hundreds of impactful events. This is a one-stop destination for any organization to host their event from A to Z, ensuring to bring their vision to life. For event equipment rentals, contact A Chau Event via:

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