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What is FOMO and how to use it for higher ROI?

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In the past, marketing experts strove to create content that would be remembered for years. Today it’s completely the opposite.

Social networks have increased interest in short-form content, especially in the form of videos such as Instagram stories. Why do you think this format is so interesting? We asked digital marketing expert Vlad Cipilic, founder and director of the Ad Nativia advertising platform.

“The reason is FOMO or Fear of Missing Out.” Snapchat and Instagram have done a very smart thing here. They created the possibility for their users to post short videos, which last only 24 hours. This creates a fear among users that they will miss some interesting content, which leads them to spend more and more time on the mentioned platforms. No wonder some other popular platforms like Facebook have also introduced this option.”

Can FOMO be used to increase ROI?

Of course, it can!

If, like Instagram stories, you create content that’s easy to digest and indicates that something is limited in time, you can very easily attract the attention of your audience and your potential customers.

FOMO has been used in marketing for a long time, only in a slightly different form. Business owners usually emphasize that their offer will be available for a limited time or that supplies are running out. This creates a subtle fear in customers that they will miss a good opportunity to buy a product. They feel the need to make a purchase as soon as possible, and the seller gets a higher ROI.

However, a new problem arises here. If the offer is short-term, how to find an audience who will check it in such a short period?

Easy. For this kind of task, use the Ad Nativia platform, which will borrow the audience from popular websites and directs them to your promo page.

How does Ad Nativia work?

Just register for free and create your first campaign. Ad Nativia will place your ads on their publishers’ sites, which receive several hundred thousand views per day.

The point is that your ad will not look like a classic boring banner but like another useful article on the site where it is advertised. Every time someone clicks on your ad, they will be taken to the content where you promote your product. While you create the content, you can apply the FOMO rule, by putting a limited-time offer, limited-time discount, or something similar, which will create a sense of urgency in the user.

What matters is that this kind of advertisement attracts the attention of your target audience. You don’t pay for views, just click on the ad.

When FOMO is combined with the right way of advertising, you get great results.

Click here to register at Ad Nativia, try this method, and watch your ROI grow.

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