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What is the best way to wish someone on Diwali?

by Anamta bnn
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Diwali for Hindus is the grandest festival. It brings out the light and positivity in each of us. The festivities, the fervor, it all makes that time of the year sacred and full of love and warmth. Diwali also means exchanging gifts and wishes. For those who look for unique ways to wish someone on Diwali, this might prove to be of some help. Let us take a look at how to wish someone diwali with best wishes and of course, unique gifts.

Unique Gifts to Wish Someone a Happy Diwali

No Diwali wish should go empty-handed, that is what we aim for in the festive season. Here are a few Diwali gift ideas which will make your diwali wish warmer.

1.  Cookies and Dry Fruits

Okay, so the first option to wish someone diwali is to give them Cookies and Dry Fruits. You can go for Rasayanam Ajwa Dates. This is going to be a great pick with health and delight combined together. Rasayanam Ajwa dates are handpicked and are sourced straight from Madina. These dates of paradise will add a sweetness to your diwali wishes. You can order the Rasayanam Ajwa dates online on the official website of Rasayanam Ayurveda or simply go and place your order on Amazon, Flipkart or JioMart.

The Ajwa dates benefits are plenty. Apart from adding sweetness to your diwali wishes, it is a good option for people to have a burst of energy, nourished hair, and radiating skin.

2.  Laxmi Ganesha Idol

Next, you can give Laxmi Ganesha Idol as a gift along with heartfelt Diwali wishes. Nothing will be as auspicious as extending your Diwali wishes along with a gift of Laxmi Ganesha Idol. Make sure you check the idols carefully before giving them. The idols should not be chipped, cracked, or broken or else it will bring bad luck to your loved ones. Make sure that you are packing the gift in a respectful and aesthetically pleasing way. You can slip in Rasayanam saffron along with it. Originally handpicked from Kashmir, Mongra Saffron from Rasayanam will be a perfect add-on. This can be used in puja ceremonies or in sweet dishes for ultimate flavour and colour.

3. Silver and Gold Coins

If you want, you can also give silver and gold coins to your close family members as a Diwali gift. If you didn’t know, silver and gold coins are signifiers of prosperity and are quite auspicious on an occasion like the festival of lights. You can wish diwali with silver and gold coins and convey your best intentions for your family to have abundance and wealth.

4. Diyas and Fragrant Candles

Festival of lights and warmth is incomplete without diyas and fragrant candles. You can go ahead and take the initiative of giving these things along with your unique diwali wishes. These are perfect as they signify love and light, and victory of light over dark and evil forces. Just make sure that you go for environmentally friendly diyas and candles.

5. Dinner Set

Lastly, you can go ahead and extend your diwali wishes along with a beautiful dinner set. One can never go wrong with it. It is a useful addition to the cutlery and people in India generally appreciate good cutlery. You can see it as a practical and valuable addition to their kitchen. Make sure that you are picking the right design and style to suit their taste.

This festive season must be about love, health, laughter, and fun. You can think of some unique diwali wishes and give them gifts that matter. Go for gifts that are healthy to consume, environmentally friendly, have a personalized touch, and convey your best regards. Celebrate the festival with great fervor and let your loved ones know the warmth you carry for them in your heart. Wish you a Happy and Prosperous Diwali. Stay safe and healthy.