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What Is the Usefulness of E-textbooks?

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The popularity of e-books is gaining momentum, and digital textbooks are no exception. According to Statista, the United States dominates with its broad consumer base in the global e-books market. Environmental concerns are not the sole reason for this phenomenon. Let’s find out why more than 25% of students prefer e-textbooks over physical ones.

Low Prices

Digital textbooks are 2-3 times cheaper than their conventional counterparts. If you rent an educational publication, it will cost you even less. There are many websites where you can seek e-books:

  • On-campus stores;
  • Libraries;
  • Largest marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, or Biblio);
  • Bookstores that sell educational literature online — for example, https://booksrun.com/books/ebook. This platform allows you to either purchase or rent a book.

The latter option is straightforward and time-saving. Just enter the ISBN, author, or title, and you’ll receive a digital book immediately after payment. You can choose an EPUB or PDF format. The platform’s assortment includes 500,000+ books.

Learning Convenience

Imagine you’re a student learning foreign languages. You encounter an unknown word and desire to find out its meaning. When using a classic physical book, you have to retype words and spend extra time. The task becomes even more daunting if you prepare a report or get ready for final tests. In contrast, e-books are equipped with copy-and-paste features. You can seamlessly quote words or paragraphs for any purpose.

Some bookstores that sell e-books online provide the opportunity to access books without an Internet connection. You download a specific app onto your device and check paid books anytime. A bookstore allows you to access textbooks on 2 PCs and 2 portable gadgets at the same time.

Other vital advantages of digital textbooks are:

  • Physical comforts — you don’t have to take several bulky books to the lessons. A smartphone or laptop/PC is enough.
  • Interactivity — most digital books can make learning more enjoyable and productive due to video and audio add-ons. They also provide links that take students to relevant quizzes, webinar recordings, etc.
  • Easy navigation and search. You can open a specific section with a few clicks rather than flipping through a book manually. You may also utilize a search box and take tagged notes for particular words or sections.
  • Less eye strain. You can adjust font size and switch between day and night modes with the help of modern e-readers.

Furthermore, digital books are regularly updated, which is vital for dynamically developing spheres.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Some minor flaws of e-textbooks are the following:

  • It’s impossible to print out some of them because of restrictions set by publishers.
  • You have to charge your device constantly.

In most cases, students cannot request a refund. But at some online bookstores, you can cancel your order if you choose the wrong digital textbook.

E-books are definitely worth your attention if you’re interested in effective, pleasant, and convenient learning. Study materials are always at hand wherever you go. Improve your level of knowledge on the subway, while walking in the park, or while drinking your morning coffee.