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What to Keep in Mind When Driving in Inclement Weather

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Driving on the Gold Coast can be challenging, especially during inclement weather conditions. The subtropical climate in Gold Coast gives heavy rain, thunderstorms, and even hail to the residents. If you are driving under such hazardous weather conditions, it is important to be extra careful about your safety. The following driving tips can help you with that to ensure road safety.

Slow down your vehicle and increase the following distance

When driving in inclement weather, it is important to slow down. That’s mainly because of the wet and slippery roads. Such road conditions would require more distance for your vehicle to stop. On top of that, the risk of hydroplaning would increase. When you reduce the speed, you will have more time to react to any potential hazards. It will also be possible for you to maintain better control over your vehicle. Likewise, you should also reduce the following distance.

Improve your visibility on the road

Poor visibility is a struggle that most drivers have to face when driving under inclement weather conditions. As a result, you will not be able to clearly see other vehicles, pedestrians, or even road signs. To enhance visibility, you need to ensure that your windshield wipers are in good condition. On top of that, you should also make sure that your brake lights, taillights, and headlights are functioning properly. You may think about using headlights during the daytime so that other drivers can easily spot you.

Pullover in severe weather conditions

Vehicle control can be quite challenging during inclement weather conditions. It is a good thing not to drive when the weather gets severe. In other words, you should not be driving when there is a hail or thunderstorm taking place. Instead, the best thing that you can do is to pull over and wait. You can find a safe place to park the vehicle and stop until the severe rain conditions go away. It is also important not to park under trees or power lines for your safety. That’s because they can become dangerous due to high winds.

Prepare your vehicle for bad weather conditions

You can also think about preparing your vehicle for rainy storms ahead of time. For example, you need to ensure that your tyres have sufficient tread. They need to be properly inflated as well. This will help you to improve traction on wet road conditions. You can also get a rain repellent applied to your windshield. It offers better visibility during rough weather.

Learn about defensive driving techniques

Defensive driving is not something that you should follow only during adverse weather conditions. Instead, it is better to follow it all the time. But it can be quite beneficial during precipitation effects making road conditions more dangerous. This is where you will be anticipating the actions of other drivers on the road. Then you can quickly respond to situations if needed.

During defensive manoeuvres, you should avoid sudden movements or hard braking. That’s because it can make your vehicle slide or skid on wet roads. It is one of the biggest reasons behind weather-related accidents as well. Most teens don’t have a proper idea about defensive driving techniques. That’s why they should go through a course and learn the basics of defensive driving. The knowledge will become handy and useful during storms and emergency situations.

Properly handle all weather-related emergencies

Reduced visibility and wet roads cause many emergencies during bad weather conditions. Collisions and breakdowns are to name a few. You need to remain calm when you face any such emergency. If possible, you can move your vehicle to the side of the road. Along with that, you need to turn on hazard lights as well. You should also call for assistance and remain in a safe location until help comes your way.

Final Words

By following these driving tips, you will be able to ensure your safety during adverse weather conditions. On top of that, you can also ensure the safety of others. But to do that, you should have proper knowledge about road safety and emergency preparedness. That’s where a good driving school like Affordable Driving School Gold Coast can help.

Affordable Driving School offers comprehensive driving lessons for both teens and adults. You can learn all important driving lessons from them to stay safe when the weather conditions are rough. Once you learn how to handle your vehicle, you don’t need to worry about anything before getting on the road.