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Who is Better Than Messi?

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Among football enthusiasts, few debates are more contentious than that between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi over who should become the Greatest Ever to Ever (GOAT). Their intense rivalry has produced some of the finest moments ever seen on a pitch and continues today.

Messi has earned 10 league titles to Ronaldo’s five, as well as seven Ballon d’Or wins and seven Champions League trophies respectively.

  1. He is a poacher

Gary Lineker and Filippo Inzaghi were well-known as poachers. Both players would move in behind defenders before finishing magnificently from close range.

Messi is the primary goal scorer for Argentina and boasts an amazing World Cup goal scoring record. Additionally, he is an exceptional playmaker capable of effortlessly passing any defender while outwitting any goalkeeper.

  1. He is a playmaker

Debate surrounding who is superior between Ronaldo and Messi has long been an ongoing debate, reflecting club, national, and individual loyalties as well as individual personalities.

Messi is unquestionably an incredible playmaker. His short stature and low center of gravity enable him to switch speeds quickly and dribble effortlessly – creating havoc for defenders trying to mark him.

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  1. He is faster

Kylian Mbappe is a remarkable fast player, reaching speeds faster than Usain Bolt in 100m sprint races!

Messi is also exceptionally fast. He can dribble past defenders with ease, quickly switching directions with lightning speed.

One reason for his speed lies in the natural ability of his body. He stands tall and slim with a low center of gravity.

  1. He is more agile

Messi is an expert at shifting pace and direction with his dribbling. He relies on feints, quick touches and weight shifts to get past players with ease.

His body structure and agility enable him to switch directions quickly without alerting defenders; it seems almost magical! It is hard to explain, perhaps even tantamount to sorcery!

  1. He has more gold

Messi has endured some heartache with Argentina but finally won his Copa America trophy last year. Additionally, he holds more Ballon d’Or titles than Ronaldo and has even amassed an Olympic gold medal!

As a gesture of his appreciation for his teammates, he decided to spend $200,000 on 35 gold iPhones that had each been customized and personalized with their names engraved upon them.

  1. He is a better goal scorer

Debate continues as to who is the greatest goalscorer ever; Ronaldo may hold an edge in certain categories like heading but Messi is the more accomplished finisher and poacher.

Sergio Aguero of Manchester City recently suggested that Cristiano Ronaldo relies on luck when scoring free-kick goals, reigniting debate as to who is truly the all-time top goal scorer.

  1. He is a better dribbler

Messi is still making headlines with his dribbling prowess at La Masia youth academy in Barcelona, frequently passing taller players while anticipating their movements and switching directions quickly. These videos still go viral on social media.

His short stature allows him to dribble more efficiently by keeping his center of gravity low; taller players needing to take larger strides and use their upper bodies more frequently can find themselves losing control of the ball more often than they’d like.

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  1. He is a better passer

Cristiano Ronaldo may have scored more goals than Lionel Messi due to playing two additional seasons than him, yet both men have amassed over 690 club goals during their careers and proven themselves as prolific goal scorers.

Messi is known for his skillful passing and has quickly become one of the premier passers in world soccer. His lightning fast passes make games all the more entertaining to watch!

  1. He is a better defender

Lionel Messi is an ideal defender compared to Cristiano Ronaldo; he is selfless in passing the ball to players who could score instead of trying his own shot himself.

Arguably the greatest player to grace the Champions League since Ronaldo, Neymar is known for scoring hat tricks almost every 18.9 games and winning it more often than any other competitor.

  1. He is a better player

Messi is unquestionably talented, yet Messi brings more to his team as an overall better player who makes more important decisions during each match.

He is more disciplined than Ronaldo and has never been sent off during his entire career. Additionally, he is more unselfish as he will often pass to players that could score goals instead of simply looking out for himself to score more himself.