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Why and How Athletes Should Take Better Care of Their Eyes

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Athletes tend to put their bodies at risk of injuries more than the ordinary person. While you may think of scrapes, sprains, and fractures as some of the most common threats, athletes’ eyes are also prone to injuries.

Eye injuries in sports are common because many activities involve physical contact, passing or throwing balls, and using equipment like bats. Football sees the most eye injuries at 18%, followed by American football at 17% and basketball at 12%. The most common injuries were caused by projectile objects (54%), incidental body contact (28%), and sporting equipment (6%).

Athletes should care for their eyes to avoid pain and because vision is vital in sports performance. You use your eyes to track your opponent’s movements, avoid hits, catch balls, and know where to run. You won’t be able to play at your best with an eye injury or issue.

With that said, here are some ways athletes can take better care of their eyes:

Get regular eye exams

Eye exams can help detect and address pre-existing eye conditions you may not know or feel yet. For instance, glaucoma is a disease that causes vision loss, and it can only be detected when an ophthalmologist performs a dilated eye exam on you. In doing so, you can prevent further development and continue playing sports.

Moreover, there are many things that the eyes can reveal about your health. One example is when you have a white or grey ring around your cornea. It is linked to high cholesterol and heart disease, which may worsen by overworking yourself during training and competitions. By getting eye exams every two years, you can make the necessary changes and protect the vision you need as an athlete.

Wear protective eyewear

Your eyes are not only at risk of injuries from contact with bodies or equipment. You may also get abrasions from dust or debris flying into your eyes. Moreover, playing outdoors exposes you to UV rays that can worsen your vision or contribute to cataract formation.

This is why investing in performance sunglasses is a must for athletes looking for physical and UV protection. Oakley is one reliable brand you can turn to in this case. Its sunglasses use the latest technologies, including PRIZM lenses, to shield you from glare and enhance colour and contrast for better sports performance. It also makes sunglasses for specific sports, like the Leffingwell for surfing and the Actuator for baseball, so you can guarantee proper protection while playing.

Use eye drops

Dry eyes increase your risk of infections. It prevents dust or debris from sliding off your eyes, resulting in scratches. Dry eyes can also lead to inflammation, keeping you from seeing where you’re going or what you’re doing while playing.

If you commonly experience dry eyes, use an ocular lubricant during training or games to bring back moisture. The Cationorm eye drops protect your eyes’ surface, reducing irritation and discomfort. Using eye drops, you can avoid getting distracted by eye pain while doing sports, ensuring that you play at your best.

Do some eye exercises

As an athlete, you’re used to training your mind and body for competitions. However, did you know that you can also do exercises for your eyes to keep them at peak performance?

You can do vision exercises to improve tracking, peripheral awareness, and focus flexibility, letting you play your best during games. During your eye exam, ask your doctor for eye exercise recommendations, or you can follow tutorials on YouTube. This ensures better eye health and performance as an athlete.

Athletes should care for their eyes to detect eye conditions early, prevent injuries, and guarantee their best performance. Follow our tips for better eye health moving forward!