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Why efficient space usage and low energy consumption matter for home lifts

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In the space of home design, home lifts that utilise space efficiently and consume low energy are critical. A home lift must go beyond mere functionality – it should seamlessly blend luxury and convenience into daily life. A high power bill and a boxed-in home lift are anything but convenient. Join us as we explore why space-saving and energy-efficient home lifts matter, unlocking a new era of sustainable, space-conscious, and elegantly designed living spaces.

Home lifts consume the same levels of energy as a microwave – A game-changer!

One common misconception about home elevators is their perceived high energy consumption. At Elite Elevators, we shatter this myth with minimal energy-consumption home lifts. They consume energy consumption as low as 1.45 kW to 1.85 kW – equivalent to a standard microwave oven. This unique feature is all thanks to German engineering. This groundbreaking efficiency is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective, offering you the chance to enjoy luxury without worry. 

Ascend with elegance, descend with efficiency – The E200 hydraulic lift

We’ve taken energy efficiency a step further with models like the E200 hydraulic lift. This hydraulic lift consumes power only while ascending (approx. 1.45 kW), ensuring that energy is utilised precisely when needed. While descending, the E200 does not consume any power. This reduces overall energy consumption, highlighting our passion for bringing innovative solutions that prioritise sustainability.

Space-saving home elevators 

As a homeowner, you can understand how space constraints often deter you from considering home elevators. We’ve addressed this concern by offering home elevators that require no pit, machine room, or headroom. This revolutionary design allows you to install our space-saving elevators with minimal civil work. Along with this feature, every home elevator offered by us is custom-made to slot in perfectly in the available space in your residence. Our Elevator Experts conduct a feasibility study to determine the best size and location for your home elevator. Post this survey, we will send the dimensions of your elevator for production, making it a bespoke addition to your home. With these features, you can say goodbye to extensive renovations and space concerns – our home elevators are made to fit your home like a glove, enhancing its functionality without sacrificing valuable space.

Minimal civil work, maximum impact – Our installation advantage

Our commitment to user convenience extends to the installation process as well. The space-conversing residential lifts can be installed into your home with minimal civil work. As they are shipped from our partner’s production unit in Pisa, Italy, they arrive at your city in a semi-assembled state. Also referred to as a Completely Knocked Down (CKD) structure, your residential lift is put together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The CKD structure delivery mode protects your lift’s components from damage during transit and maintains its original manufacturing structural integrity. This not only saves time but also minimises the disruption to your daily life, making the transition to a luxury home elevator smoother than ever.

Unparalleled safety and performance – Authorised partner of TK Access Solutions 

Elite Elevators is an authorised partner of TK Access Solutions, Germany. This partnership allows us to bring to Australian homes lifts that are international standard and use patented technology. Apart from this, our home lifts adhere to international safety and performance standards as they are manufactured in compliance with European home safety codes machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41. We provide not only a luxurious experience but also one that prioritises safety and reliability.

A home lift for every lifestyle – Stairlifts, hydraulic lifts, and more

We offer a diverse range of home lifts, catering to different lifestyles and preferences. From stairlifts to hydraulic lifts, residential lifts, CogBelt lifts, and gearless home lifts, find the perfect home lift for every dream home with us. 

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Experience luxury firsthand – Visit our South Bank Boulevard experience centre

We invite residents of Melbourne and neighbouring suburbs to experience the luxury of our home lifts firsthand. Our experience centre on South Bank Boulevard provides an opportunity for you to test the various home lift models on display before making a decision. This hands-on experience ensures that you can make an informed choice, selecting the perfect home lift to complement your dream home.

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