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Why should I consider black oak stair components?

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If you wish to turn your staircase into an eye-catching centrepiece, black stair components are the way to go. Black oak is sophisticated, bold, and highly durable – ideal for any home requiring sturdy yet visually stunning stair features.

In this article, stair experts Stair Crazy explain the advantages of black oak stair parts and why you should consider them during your home revamp.

Top five benefits of black oak stair components

1.  A striking appearance

Black oak stair components offer a striking visual appeal to both contemporary and timeless interiors. The deep rich hues of the black timber convey an extravagant ambience to your staircase and hall.

Or, for an even more daring appearance, use a black handrail alongside white spindles to capture attention through contrast.

2.  Black is a versatile shade

Black possesses remarkable adaptability, fitting well with various colour palettes, from rustic and traditional to contemporary and understated.

Be it darker charcoal grey walls or lighter cream shades, black stairs offer a sophisticated finish to complement all decors perfectly.

3.  Robustness

With its durable and dense nature, oak proves exceptionally resilient to damage like scuffs caused by shoe soles and scratches caused by pet claws.

Since stairs are used frequently, robustness is a necessity that will keep your stair parts looking stunning for numerous years.

4.  Simple maintenance

Thanks to its dark hue, black oak conceals dirt and scuffs more effectively than lighter woods, such as beech or white primed timber, so you can relax knowing your home will maintain its presentable appearance, even if you have pets with muddy paws and children who forget to remove their shoes before using the stairs.

5.  Unique

The inherent grain patterns and distinctive attributes of oak are incredibly alluring and are even more enhanced when painted black – from your spindles to your treads, you can create an air of individuality with these beautifully crafted stair elements.

Your new centre piece will help to refresh your home’s décor and make you feel even more houseproud.

Always shop from a reputable manufacturer

Your staircase is a significant style feature of your home that experiences a high volume of traffic – with this in mind, ensure the lifespan of your new stairs by investing from a trusted and experienced retailer.

Only manufacturers with years in the industry can produce high-quality and durable stair components that will stay in excellent condition for longer.


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