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Why You Should Fight Your DUI Charges

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Being convicted of a DUI can have devastating consequences on your life. Beyond spending time in jail and paying big fines, you can lose your license either temporarily or permanently, be forced to give up your career if you drive for a living, and it can make potential employers deny your applications.

If you’re facing DUI charges, it’s in your best interest to fight your charges with the help of a skilled DUI attorney. You might be surprised to know that not all DUI charges end up in convictions. In fact, some people get their charges completely dropped, and others get their charges reduced to reckless driving, which can have a completely different impact on your future.

No matter how bad you think your situation is – even if you think there’s no way you’ll be let off the hook – consider the following points in favor of fighting your conviction.

  1. The evidence against you might not be admissible

Regardless of the evidence you believe will work against you, it’s still worth fighting your DUI charge. Trust your attorney and follow their directions and advice because not every case is cut and dried.

Say you got pulled over by a cop who claimed to have stopped you for speeding, but instead of writing you a speeding ticket, they say they smell alcohol and ask you to perform some field sobriety tests. If you failed those tests and also failed a breathalyzer test, you might think there’s no way out of a DUI. 

However, if your attorney can prove the reason for the traffic stop (speeding) was invalid, then your DUI charge will likely be dropped or reduced. For instance, maybe you had a dash cam running that proved you weren’t speeding. That’s likely enough to invalidate your entire traffic stop and alter the outcome of your case.

  1. A lesser sentence can be a huge relief

When you think about the potential of going to jail and having to pay fines, it might seem like it doesn’t matter what the end result is because, either way, it’s going to be grim. However, your attorney can fight your charges and get your sentence reduced significantly. They can possibly get your sentence down to the minimum by shaving years off your time and thousands of dollars off your fines. That alone makes it worthwhile to fight your charges.

  1. A lesser charge will make people less judgmental

Some job applications ask if you’ve ever been arrested or convicted of a crime, and while that’s not always legal (depending on the state), it can be the cause for a rejection. Employers are generally allowed to make this inquiry to understand the conduct that led to your arrest and base their hiring decision on that information, but unfortunately, many employers automatically reject everyone who has been arrested.

Having to answer the question of whether or not you’ve been convicted of a crime when applying for a job is nerve-wracking, but it will be easier when you don’t have to say it was a DUI. If you get a lesser conviction of reckless driving, you might have a chance to explain yourself and demonstrate how you’ve changed. Employers are more likely to be judgmental over a DUI conviction.

  1. A lesser charge can drop off your background report faster

Another point to consider is that in some states, a DUI can stay on your record for 10 years or more, and in a handful of states, it can remain indefinitely. If you don’t want a DUI on your record, it’s best to have your attorney fight the charge on your behalf. If you get a lesser conviction, it will still show up on your background check, but it won’t stick around as long as a DUI.

There’s always a chance – let your attorney guide you

Don’t let your situation overwhelm you and convince you that it’s pointless to fight your DUI charge. There’s always a chance that you might be able to get your charges or sentence reduced, and the only way to know for sure is to fight it. Get an attorney as fast as possible and listen to their direction. Allow them to guide you through the process of fighting your charges one step at a time.

Instead of pleading guilty to try to get things over with faster, hire a skilled DUI attorney to fight on your behalf. Your lawyer is the best chance you have to get a better, more favorable case outcome.