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Why Your Yacht Needs To Be Protected With Fender Liners ?

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Luxury yachts are expensive assets only owned by the richest people. These assets are beautiful, luxurious, and satisfying to use when they cut through the thick ocean waves. If you are one of the few who own and operate these luxurious art pieces, keeping them safe is your top priority.

A lot goes into protecting an expensive yacht floating in the middle of the ocean or mariner. As an owner, you’ll always be worried that one mistake will cost you thousands or even millions of dollars to fix. This is why fenders have become the go-to mooring products for sailors looking to protect their yachts from damage. 

A fender liner is an equipment that protects yachts when in collision with other boats. It’s a cost-effective means of maintaining the beauty and integrity of your vessel in water. Despite its importance, most yacht owners must be convinced about using fenders. This piece contains some points to clear their doubts about the significance of fenders to the safety of yachts.

Why Invest In A Fender For Yacht Protection ?

Here is why you need a fender liner for your yacht 

It Protects The Integrity Of The Yacht 

The beauty of every yacht lies in the integrity of its huge metallic structure. Once that structural integrity is compromised, the yacht loses appeal. It would help if you equipped your yacht with protective gears like the fender to protect that structural integrity. Such gears help keep your boat safe by preventing it from colliding with any structure on and off the sea. In case of any collision, the fender acts as a shock absorber to prevent or minimize damages to the barest minimum. 

Fender Helps Prevent Wear And Tear

With a quality fender installed on your yacht, wear and tear should be the least of worries. This is true because fender liners help prevent yacht interaction with other boats and structures on the dock. With limited yacht interactions, the lifespan of your yacht’s hull and exterior design and paint will increase. That’s to say, you will be spending less redecorating and maintaining your vessel over time.

For Compliance With Regulations

Today, most waterways in the United States have laws in place to ensure the safety of boats and infrastructures within their control. Some of these rules include the installation of fender systems on each yacht. Without these systems, you can be penalized, fined, or restricted from using the waterway or mariner. Many might say these rules are unnecessary, but it’s important to note that they are in place for the collective safety of the yacht community.

Fenders Helps In Retaining Resale Value

Yachts usually have high resale value. This is because of the luxury and high social status of owning one. However, if your yacht has any dent or damage, especially on the exterior, its resale value will nosedive. In case you’re wondering why, the reason is that nobody wants to buy a yacht and spend so much fixing it. Installing fender liners to protect your yacht and maintain its value would be best. The fender will not just preserve the financial value but also the emotional value of the vessel.

Types of Yacht Fender Liners

The different types of fenders you can use on your yacht are:

Inflatable Yacht Fender

These fenders can be designed to be flat, cylinder, or bow. They function effectively when inflated with air at a specific pressure when placed at the side of the yacht, cushioning the impact of the collision with other boats.

Cylinder Yacht Fender

The cylinder fender is the simplest fender to install on any yacht. This type of fender does not need to be inflated as its cylindrical nature helps in protecting the hull of the yacht. To install this fender, simply hang them vertically or horizontally at the side of your yacht.

Pneumatic Fender

These types of fenders are reserved for mage yachts. They are used to protect big yachts being tugged to the dock. If you want to install the pneumatic fender on your mega yacht, ensure it covers two-thirds of the freeboard.

Bottom Line

Yachts must be protected with the best equipment to preserve their financial and emotional value. To ensure durability, select suitable fender liners made from the best materials.