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Wonders of full spectrum THCA distillates from Dr Ganja

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THCA products in the hemp market are gaining raging popularity. From flowers to edibles, there are a ton of options, you just need to find it. And brands are capitalizing on these trends. 

Introducing the latest range of Rawbar’s 14 g Diamond Distillates, Dr Ganja’s in-house brand. The Diamond Distillate lineup features some amazing blends and flavor choices for you to choose from. And with all the options available, doubts are always on the horizon. So, we are here with a complete guide to this wonderful lineup of products. What are the strain choices? What are the cannabinoid blends? How to use it? We answer all your questions.

What are THCA distillates?

Distillates are pure extracted oils from the hemp plant. Therefore, THCA distillates are the oil extracted from THCA flowers. Rawbar Diamond Distillates are extracted from premium THCA material through distillation for the purest of extracts. Plus, these products are also devoid of any pesticides or heavy metals, ensuring you are getting all natural products. Being full spectrum, expect to have traces of other minor cannabinoids along with THCA including CBC, CBG, CBN, and more. The perfect option for those looking for the ultimate entourage effect. 

Top THCA Rawbar Diamond Distillates from Dr Ganja

From the delicious Cherry Runtz to the gassy Sour Diesel to the unterpered edition, there is a lot to choose from. Here are some of our favorites from the bunch.

Unterped Diamond DIstillate 14 g

If you are a fan of the original, this is something for you. The bestseller from the bunch, the unterped Diamond Distillate, is a must try. This full spectrum THCA oil comes in a 14 g container that has a very strong potency. Over 99 percent. Along with THCA, other minor cannabinoids present in this product include CBG, CBD, and CBC, among others. Quite the potent product to infuse THCA goodness into your wellness regime.

Skywalker OG Diamond Distillate 14 g

This THCA distillate featuring terpenes from this wonder indica dominant hybrid, the Skywalker OG, is truly one of those remarkable strains. The offspring of the Blueberry OG and the Mazar strains, the Skywalker is loved for its strong flavors and aroma. And extracted from high quality Skywalker OG THCA flowers, this distillate brings out the rightful sweetness of the stain along with its citrusy notes. All complemented by a hint of spiciness. This 14 gram jar of goodness has a strong potency of over 94 percent, with THCA taking up most of the concentration. Other minor cannabinoids in this product include CBG, CBN, and CBC.

Sour Diesel Diamond Distillate 14 g

Crafted from premium Sour Diesel THCA terpenes, this variety of the Diamond Distillate is a must try if you are a fan of the original strain. The Sour Diesel has gotten legendary status by now and almost every hemp user has tried this strain once. The Sour Diesel is a surprisingly potent sativa dominant hybrid strain that is known for its energetic euphoria. The lovechild of the Chemdawg and the Super Skunk strains, the Sour Diesel rightfully has quite a pungent flavor profile. The taste is reminiscent of diesel, as the name suggests, with a super spicy undertone. Does full justice to its name. This 14 gram jar comes with over 93 percent potency and along with THCA as the major cannabinoid, other minor cannabinoids in trace amounts include CBN, CBG as well as CBC. The component list is rounded off with premium strain specific terpenes.

Purple Haze Diamond Distillate 14 g

Another on this list with legendary status is the Purple Haze version of Diamond Distillate. Purple Haze is an indica dominant hybrid, known for its purple buds. A cross of the Purple Kush and the Haze strains, the Purple Haze’s strong lineage ensures that this hybrid has an amazing flavor profile, loved by all. The same is replicated with premium Purple Haze terpenes with this particular Diamond Distillate. Expect nothing but fruity and earthy notes with hints of berries and spices that give way to strong entourage effects. Minor cannabinoids present in this THCA distillate include CBN, CBG, and CBC.

How to use Rawbar Diamond Distillates?

Now that you have glanced over some of the best varieties of Rawbar Diamond Distillates, let us check how to effectively use these for the best effects.


This is perhaps the most popular option for consumption. Roll your favorite joint and add a small dollop of the DIamond Distillate on it before lighting up. You can even use this when smoking with bongs. Pack your bong tight and add a drop of the distillate before lighting up for an extreme high.


This distillate can be vaped with any oil vaporizer device. Simply add in the desired amount to your vaping device and activate it. Wait for it to transform into an aerosol form before inhaling it from the mouthpiece of the vaporizer.


Diamond Distillates can also be used with edibles like cakes or gummies. Simply add in the required dosage of oil into the edible mix before baking it. Ensure potent and long lasting effects with edibles. But, do not be impatient, as the high from edibles takes some time to kick in.


You can also add Diamond Distillates to any drink of your choice. Simply add a drop of this magical oil to your favorite drink and enjoy all the effects and benefits of the product without any of the harsh hemp taste.

Rawbar Diamond Distillates are some of the most in-demand products from Dr Ganja, thanks to the lineup’s impressive strain choices and potency options. And with super versatility in consumption modes, this product becomes super alluring for many users who do not want to smoke or vape. Tons of strain options, a plethora of cannabinoid blends, and varying potency and flavor profiles, Rawbar Diamond Distillates allows you to seamlessly blend THCA into your wellness routine and experience the full benefits of the products. Try out from the tons of options on Dr Ganja and find the most perfect product for your THCA needs.