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Ziad Khoury: Pioneering Security Transformation with Innovative AI Solutions

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In the intricate world of security and technology, Ziad Khoury, a distinguished expert born amidst the turmoil of the Lebanese civil war, emerges as a stalwart figure. As a senior French civil servant with a history of holding pivotal positions within the State, Khoury epitomizes dedication to public welfare.

The Impact of AI on Security:

Ziad Khoury préfet sheds light on the multifaceted role of artificial intelligence (AI) in security. Recognizing AI as both a risk and a robust security solution, he emphasizes its growing influence. Despite the increased risk of hacking, AI offers unparalleled capabilities in detecting and preventing security threats. The ongoing AI revolution demands proactive measures from our security forces.

AI Experimentation in Public Security

In a groundbreaking decision, legislators, guided by Khoury’s insights, embark on an experimental journey into AI within public security. Enacted through the law of 19 May 2023, tailored for the IA sécuritéjeux olympiques et paralympiques 2024, this initiative introduces “smart” video surveillance. This carefully controlled experiment aims to assist security forces in vulnerable situations by detecting anomalies, showcasing a commitment to balancing technological progress with individual rights.

Sovereign Challenges of AI 

The incorporation of AI in security raises sensitive concerns in sovereign territories. Ziad Khoury acknowledges distorted representations and legitimate apprehensions, calling for nuanced debates that may not align seamlessly with the rapid pace of technical evolution. While facial recognition remains a contentious issue, the positive applications of AI extend far beyond our current understanding, particularly in training scenarios.

AI in Law and Order 

Amidst evolving protest movements, Ziad Khoury advocates for an innovative approach to public order management, leveraging the capabilities of AI. Anticipation, detection, and efficiency of security forces can be enhanced through AI tools. Subject to legal constraints, AI’s reach extends to the analysis of open-source data. “Smart” video protection emerges as a tool for ensuring legal compliance, preventing the masking of faces, and securing designated protection perimeters.

Navigating Legal Boundaries with AI

Within the legal framework, Khoury envisions AI contributing to the analysis of open-source data and leveraging “smart” video protection. Compliance with established laws, such as the prohibition of masking faces in specific cases, becomes possible through AI. The potential for real-time sharing of operational elements among security forces on the ground further underscores AI’s role in fostering collaboration.


In the dynamic realm of security and technology, Ziad Khoury, a Prefect synonymous with foresight, stands at the forefront of integrating AI solutions. Beyond challenges, his vision spotlights the transformative potential of AI in security, guiding us toward a future where innovation safeguards our collective well-being. The initiative for “smart” video surveillance in preparation for the IA sécuritéjeux olympiques et paralympiques 2024 underscores the commitment to harnessing AI for the greater good.