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Zil Money: The Catalyst for Digital Transformation in Accounting

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It’s the 21st century and people can’t stop getting enough of the internet. people rarely use paper money and this is the time to get advanced. AvidXchange is an online platform to turn paper money into dust however, it is quite pricey and doesn’t consist of many essential features that one would love to access. Check Printing AvidXchange Alternative consists of features that are just for you if you are finding better features, great delivery, and economical prices. We’ve got Zil money just for the job.


ACH stands for automated clearing house. It is a type of online transaction that needs debit from an originating bank and credit to a receiving bank. The account holder initiates a transfer and the funds are transferred through a batch processing system just like ACH. ACH could be used for many purposes such as a variety of transactions, direct deposit of payroll, government benefits, bill payments, transferring money between personal accounts, transferring money due to business purposes, and whatnot.

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is a software created in 1992 by Inuit, which was 32 years ago now, however, it is still so relevant that ZilMoney incorporated it into one of its features. It releases products that are targeted toward small and medium-sized businesses.QuickBooks Integration has reduced the hassle of importing and printing checks online. Now, spend less time on accounting and give more time to your business. You can create both personal and payroll checks without any confusing paperwork all thanks to Check Printing AvidXchange Alternative. If you get this offer from any other platform you will have to deal with preprinted checks from multiple bank accounts. People think it’s too much of a hassle but honestly, you don’t have to be too much of an expert to handle your account now all thanks to Zil money. Instead of changing your printing trays buy blank check papers and print whatever kind of check you want on them.

Auto Fraud Detection

Financial fraud detection is based on machine-based learning. Artificial intelligence could be easily used to detect fraudulent activities because as they say work smarter, not harder. since the pandemic, the U.S.Treasury Department has seen a 385% increase in check fraud. Do you think we should still trust humans when it comes to our checks? Checks haven’t evolved but it’s probably time we should. According to the 2023 Association for Finance Professionals (AFP) payments fraud and control survey report, 65% of organizations were victims of attempted or actual payment fraud in 2022. The report found that checks were far and away the payment most impacted by fraudulent activities, with a majority of respondents (63%) reporting that their organization dealt with check fraud in 2022.

Check mailing

Check Printing AvidXchange Alternative proved once again by having a feature gain. Check mailing is basically when a check could be mailed to another person as a piece of proof that they were entitled to the money. The entitled person could easily get the check cashed or deposited. You can get your checks mailed on the very same business day easily through Zil money at just a rate of $1.25. you could use the platform from your home or office by simply creating an account today or better right now.

Digital Check

With a digital Check, money is electronically withdrawn from the account of the payee, transferred over the ACH network, and deposited into the person’s checking account. There are uncountable advantages of digital upscaling in the modern era. You can easily create and send your digital check. Paper checks and digital checks work the same way. They are facilitated by the ACH. Businesses can even withdraw money for goods or services from their customer’s bank accounts. The terms and conditions are very simple; The payment must be authorized by the customer, either by signed contract, acceptance of a website’s “Terms and Conditions,” or a recorded voice conversation.

Cloud bank

cloud banking is the on-demand delivery of hosted computing services. They could be sent to banks, credit unions, fintechs, and any financial institute with the help of only the internet. These services are essential for some sorts of businesses. Zil Money has introduced a new version of the cloud bank. It simplifies many services, especially for freelancers or entrepreneurs. You can get services like virtual cards, making payments, getting paid, remote account opening, ACH, and wires.

In a Nutshell,

Check Printing AvidXchange Alternative offers many new services in a more improved version. They offer the best account payable software for invoice data capture, invoice processing,and vendor payments. you can manage payroll, pay bills, reconcile bank statements, and make payments by credit, ACH, wires, and debit and there are endless possibilities according to your very needs.