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8 Ways to Show Employees You Care

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As we get caught in the day-to-day business, we often forget our employees are human beings. Giving them a solid paycheck will solve a lot of their issues, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be happy to come to the office.

So, every once in a while, you should show them you care. Give them small signs of appreciation that will tell them, “I see your effort.” This can be something small, such as surprising the team with a free lunch or organizing a corporate dinner for the entire staff. Whatever the case, you have to find a way to connect with them on a human level.

These small tricks are fantastic for increasing office morale and increasing retention rates. People don’t want to work for nameless corporations that don’t care for them. However, they’ll definitely sacrifice for someone who pays attention to their well-being.

8 Methods for Celebrating Your Staff

Truthfully, there are thousands of ways to connect with your employees. A kind word usually does the trick, but big gestures are what stick in the memory. In this section, we’ve decided to share some of the best ways to celebrate your staff and build a bond.

1.     Give Them a Note

Some people don’t really care about material things. These guys would be willing to sacrifice their paychecks to work in an environment that recognizes this effort. For these employees, handwritten notes will have a bigger impact than some flashy corporate dinners.

There are several ways to share handwritten notes. Perhaps the best method is to give them at the end of the month as a form of monthly work breakdown. You can talk about things they did right and things they could improve on, all while celebrating their effort.

2.     Introduce Awards

Giving out awards each year is a fantastic way to celebrate success. Using trophies, in particular, introduces the bragging factor into the equation. Your staff will have something nice to put on their shelves and be proud of. If you’re not into trophies, you might also consider bonuses (although they don’t have the same effect).

Awards are especially effective for large and medium-sized companies. They evoke competition in your staff, and serve as a measuring stick. Through awards, employees understand how much the company appreciates their effort and how they stack against other team members.

3.     Send Gifts

Perhaps the biggest issue with awards is that other employees will think they’re doing something bad if they don’t receive one. To eliminate any misinterpretation, you should also send gifts every once in a while.

The best thing about gifts is that you can personalize them. Give tickets to guys who love football and basketball, or provide vouchers for those who prefer shopping. Another excellent thing about gifts is that they show you are paying attention to a person’s hobbies and interests.

4.     Give Free Days

The best way to show someone you care is by doing something at your expense. Giving free days to your team, or a few of the employees, demonstrates you’re willing to lose money so they can take a breather. Giving free days is especially effective after major projects when your staff feels fatigued.

You have to be tactical when using this method. In the end, each free day costs you money. You also have to decide who gets a free day and who doesn’t. This trick is fantastic for celebrating employees who work hard without necessarily giving them a raise.

5.     Treat Them to a Meal

Most entrepreneurs treat their staff with meals when they stay late in the office. While this is humane, employees generally don’t see it as a sign of appreciation. They perceive it as a form of excuse for forcing them to work late.

Luckily, you can turn this trick on its head. Treat your employees to a meal every once in a while. Whether you decide to pay for their lunch during the break or get takeout food, they will notice the effort.

6.     Provide Entertainment

Having some entertainment at work is always a good thing. Whether we’re talking about pinball machines, consoles, or something of that sort, these games help team bond and relax. It is also a perfect form of escapism, allowing your staff to restart their brains before a tough, mentally challenging task.

7.     Organize Get-Togethers

While some employees don’t necessarily want to fraternize with their colleagues after work, most are looking forward to this opportunity. Organizing joint events, picnics, karaoke nights, and other such events is perfect for team building. It also gives management the opportunity to learn more about their underlings and what they like.

8.     Consider Custom Benefits

You can introduce a customized benefit for just about any employee. Whether this is a free parking spot, extra remote work day, or free food at the office, there are always tricks to motivate the staff. Unlike other entries on this list, these benefits have to be permanent, but they will change how the person perceives you and the company.


Boosting morale in the workplace is much easier than you might think. Small signs of appreciation and humane rapport with your staff will go a long way in establishing trust and familiarity. We suggest you introduce at least one or two tricks from this list and watch as your team grows together.