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Bahja Compound: Invest in Happiness

by Anamta bnn
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Get your share of happiness by living in Bahja Sheikh Zayed Compound, the latest masterpiece by Symphony Developments in Egypt. You are invited to enjoy a one-of-a-kind living experience with pocket-friendly prices at Bahja Zayed. With stunning modern designs and exquisite location, Bahja Compound Sheikh Zayed is the perfect choice for your next home investment. Explore why Bahja Residence Sheikh Zayed should be your new home.

  • Bahja Compound Symphony’s Strategic Position 

Wondering what’s special about the location of Bahja Compound? The ideal location directly on St. 1 El Sheikh Zayed provides easy access to major highways like the 26th of July Corridor and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. This strategic position ensures you enjoy convenient connectivity to vital areas in the city, and thus Bahja Residence Sheikh Zayed is considered a prime spot for comfort and mobility.

  • Architectural Excellence and Spacious Living

In Bahja Compound Sheikh Zayed, you will be impressed by the innovative architectural designs, catering to every family size, big or small. Compound Bahja Symphony includes five-story buildings, offering a range of units for sale with only 19% building density. Thus, you get to enjoy expansive green spaces and recreational facilities that enhance your living experience within Compound Bahja Sheikh Zayed.

Let’s get into details about the available units in Bahja Residence El Sheikh Zayed. You will find cozy 1-bedroom apartments starting from 74 m2, perfect for singles or couples craving a stylish yet practical residence in Bahja Compound. For those seeking a little more space, there are 2-bedroom apartments in Compound Bahja Sheikh Zayed with spaces starting from 112 m2, providing plenty of room for small families to create memories.

Looking for a larger home? Compound Bahja Symphony offers three-bedroom units starting from 140 m2, while the 4-bedroom apartments, starting from 261 m2, are perfect for larger families desiring luxury and comfort in their living spaces at Bahja Compound.

  • Bahja Compound Sheikh Zayed’s Attractive Pricing

Now, let’s talk money. One of the most attractive features of Bahja Zayed is its competitive pricing. Symphony Developments offers an exceptional price per meter in Bahja Compound Sheikh Zayed starting from 40,000 EGP, making it an excellent opportunity for those looking to buy units in New Zayed at affordable prices. Thus, you can comfortably own your apartment in Compound Bahja El Sheikh Zayed with a starting price of 3,040,000 EGP.

But that’s not all. Bahja Compound offers flexible and convenient booking plans to ease the financial burden. With a down payment of 10%, you can book your home in Bahja Sheikh Zayed Compound. You also have the chance to pay the remaining amount in installments over 9 years. This flexible installment plan makes it easier to plan your budget, ensuring you can easily move into your new home at Compound Bahja Symphony by 2027.

  • A World of Comfort Awaits at Bahja Zayed Symphony

At Bahja Residence Sheikh Zayed, every detail is designed for your utmost comfort and enjoyment. That’s why Symphony Developments has paid special attention to providing integrated facilities within Bahja Compound, creating a world of luxury and leisure at your doorstep.

The external spaces of Bahja Residence Symphony are adorned with lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes, creating a serene environment. These green spaces provide a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Bahja Compound also includes dedicated cycling tracks and jogging tracks for fitness enthusiasts who love outdoor activities, providing a perfect space for morning runs or evening strolls.

Moreover, you will find swimming pools ideal for leisure and social gatherings, offering a refreshing escape at Bahja Sheikh Zayed Compound. The available social club is perfect for relaxing, socializing, building community connections and enjoying leisurely activities. You can also have a delightful journey of flavors through the restaurants and cafes within Bahja Compound. There is a lot more to explore; you will experience the true meaning of ultimate luxury at Bahja New Zayed

  • Your Journey to Convenience Starts at Bahja Compound

It’s your chance to be part of the exclusive Bahja Compound Sheikh Zayed community. Whether you are looking to buy for personal use or investment, Bahja Residence Zayed offers unparalleled value with its prime location, modern amenities, and flexible booking options. Start your journey and experience a world of convenience at Compound Bahja Sheikh Zayed.