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Cooking pan – the suitable material with a long service life

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What are cooking pans?

If you’ve ever been in the kitchen and cooked something, you know precisely how beneficial good equipment can be. In addition to a good chef’s knife, cookware plays an important role. This includes the pots and pans you use. You may have also wished you could cook your dishes in a single pot and enjoy a pan’s advantages. A so-called cooking pan offers these capabilities. Thanks to its coating, it achieves good frying results but can also be used for regular cooking. They are also durable if they have suitable properties and are easy to clean afterward.

Different pans are now distinguished from each other on the market. At the same time, the material used should say something about their durability and quality. A fundamental distinction is made between the following types of pans:

  • Frying pan: This can be used to fry food every day. In addition to meat and eggs, it can also be used to fry vegetables.
  • Braising pan: For ragout or goulash. Characterized by its relatively high rim and compact design. Suitable for theoven.
  • Sauté pan: This pan protects against splashes of fat when cooking. It is suitable for sautéing vegetables or food that needs to be cooked in hot fat.
  • Grill pan: Gives the food the typical grill marks and creates space between the food and the base of the pan.
  • Fish pan: For frying whole fish. Its base is similar to that of a grill pan.
  • Crêpe pan: Well suited for crêpes thanks to its small base and deep rim.
  • Wok: Special pan for Asian dishes. It has a very high rim and a small base. Ideal for swirling.

As you can see, there is the right pan for practically every dish, which has the correct requirements. If you are looking for a good frying pan, we would like to explain in the following sections what you should look out for when buying one, such as with an Emura frying pan, to make your choice easier.

Who is the target group for cooking pans?

A good cooking pan is aimed at anyone who values good equipment in the kitchen and, at the same time, prefers uncomplicated handling. It appeals equally to people of all age groups, regardless of gender. As no particular expertise is required to use a frying pan, many people who value durability and easy cleaning use them. You can also benefit from using such a pan if your stove has the latest technology. This is because most of these pans are designed to be used on induction hobs. The target group is, therefore, huge and cannot be separated.

What can you do with a frying pan?

The name of the cooking pan already suggests that this kitchen tool is not only suitable for frying food. It can also be used to cook side dishes. In principle, a cooking pan can be used for all cooking processes in the kitchen. Depending on the equipment, it can even be used in the oven, and thanks to its coating, all foods come off very quickly. This makes subsequent cleaning all the more straightforward, which also influences its durability. Many pans must be wiped out; others must only be rinsed with clear water or a mild detergent. This is why a good frying pan has become an indispensable item in the kitchen for many people and one that nobody wants to do without.

Technical facts about the frying pan

There are many differences in the technical properties of cooking pans, from the material to the coating. This section briefly outlines all the topics to give you a good overview.

The following materials are used:

  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminum

Cast iron, copper, and iron are said to be exceptionally durable. However, depending on the coating, an easy-to-use aluminium pan can also have a long service life:

  • Ceramics
  • Enamel
  • Teflon

The latter is now virtually no longer used to manufacture pans, as it is suspected of being carcinogenic and is not very durable. Enamel, on the other hand, is very strong, and ceramic is highly heat-resistant. They also have a long service life, depending on how they are handled.

What quality features should you pay particular attention to?

When buying a good Emura frying pan, you must know exactly your requirements for the model in question. These characteristics will help you determine which cooking pan is more accessible. You should also always ensure the manufacturer is transparent about the materials used. The more detail they go into, the better.

General opinions on cooking pans

If you are still trying to decide which product is right for you, it may help to read a few reviews online. These come from users who have already been using the cooking pan for a while and have, therefore, gotten a good idea of its capabilities. Opinions vary greatly depending on the pan model and product. You should thus read the reviews carefully and consider your pan requirements to find the suitable model. Many praise the coating and durability of modern pans and the ease of cleaning, guaranteed by most products. They use the pans almost daily in their kitchen and would not want to be without them. They often describe how simple and uncomplicated various cooking processes have become and appreciate the features and capabilities of various pan models.

Possible advantages and disadvantages of cooking pans

Gadgets such as the cooking pan also have advantages and disadvantages, which you should consider. Wehavethereforesummarized these for you.


  • Easy to clean with most materials
  • Suitable for cookingmany dishes
  • The focus is on the durability of the material
  • It can be used for many foods thanks to the coating


  • Different sizes are required depending on the cooking project.

FAQ about cooking pan

In this final section, we examine the most frequently asked questions about cooking pans and provide you with even more information on the subject.

Q: Do I need a lid for a pan?

A: This depends on what you intend to do with the pan. Using a lid can be advantageous for some types of cooking.

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