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How to Hide Bald Spots

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Bald spots might be difficult to conceal, however, numerous hair loss remedies can assist in concealing baldness and restore your confidence. In this post, we will look at the most common causes of bald spots and how you can hide them effortlessly!

You do not have to give your confidence away to bald spots, you can improve your appearance instantly with Lordhair premium hairpieces. Read on to discover more!

Common Causes of Bald Spots

  • Androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male and female pattern baldness, is the most prevalent cause of hair loss. Men’s hairlines recede and may develop bald spots, but women’s hair thins around the crown of the head.
  • Hair loss can be caused by certain medications, including those used to treat cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, depression, and more.
  • A particularly physical or emotional experience can result in losing hair months later. This can be everything from illness or surgery to divorce or the death of a family member or acquaintance.
  • Even how we treat our hair might lead to accidental hair loss. Tightly pulled-back styles, such as pigtails and cornrows, can damage the hair follicles. Coloring, perming, and relaxing the hair can all result in damage and loss.

How to Hide Bald Spots!

Style Differently

Comb or arrange your hair to conceal little areas of thinning spots. If you have a few annoying bald spots, brushing or styling your locks differently can help cover the area. If your hair is shorter, comb it toward the thinning area to cover it. If you have bald spots on both sides of your scalp, consider shaving them for a simple undercut. Tie your longer hair in a ponytail to cover any bald spot on the crown area of your head. For bald spots on the sides, If you have longer locks, you can straighten it and let it dangle over the thinning areas.


Hair mascara is a coloring product that can create color streaks or conceal gray hair. Buy a mascara that matches the color of your locks. To apply, unscrew the mascara cap and spread it onto both sides of the thinner locks. Continue to reload the built-in brush and reapply mascara until the hair around the little patch is sufficiently thick to cover the area. This may not be the best solution for wider regions of bald spots because mascara does not color the scalp.

Hair Fibers

Use artificial fibers to conceal glaring flaws in thinning areas. Buy a bottle of synthetic hair strands that match your natural hair color. Spray on the bald areas until it is completely moist. Continue to shake the bottle until the fibers fill the area. Then, use an extra layer of holding spray to keep the fibers from shifting or falling off. This may be the best choice if you have a shorter haircut and don’t want long strands of hair rubbing on the area where you put the fibers.

Use a Headpiece

Wear a cap or a head covering to conceal bald areas. Alternatively, tie a headpiece or bandanna around your head to cover any thinning spots. Covering bald areas is the simplest approach to disguise it without exerting too much effort while you wait for the locks to grow back. This is an excellent alternative if you do not want to use any product on your locks.


Hair transplants might help you recover your locks. Speak with your doctor about having transplants. Medical transplants entail surgically implanting follicles from one place of the body (or from a donor) into your scalp. If the operation is appropriate for you, request a recommendation from your doctor to a specialist for a transplant. Talk to your primary care doctor and a dermatologist to see if transplants can restore your hair. Your locks will take time to be restored and keep in mind that a transplant can be very costly.

Use a Hairpiece

Purchase a high-quality hairpiece designed to cover your head. Using a hairpiece is the most effective technique to deal with permanent bald spots without undergoing surgery or obtaining medical treatment. Contact a high-quality hairpiece manufacturer like Lordhair and allow them to lead you through the procedure. Have your head circumference measured, and then choose the hairpiece style that meets your preferences.

Synthetic wigs are easy to clean and do not lose their shape as fast but they are not versatile. Extensions manufactured from human hair are more expensive, but they may be styled to achieve the desired look.

Hairpieces from Lordhair

You do not have to go through medications or any surgical procedure to restore your locks instantly, Lordhair offers an instant solution to bald areas for you. The premium hairpieces will help you boost your appearance immediately, you do not have to throw your self-esteem to a bald spot!

Ultra-realistic Hairpiece

Transparent ultra-realistic hairpieces for men with V-looped hair all over the skin are just 0.03mm. When worn, the base is invisible. This product is crafted for a velvet-smooth finish.

Kyla Women’s Wig

The Kyla women’s hair wig comes with a superior comfort level mostly resulting from its elastic stretch mesh that can easily adjust to your head size. The complementary silk top is employed mostly to achieve optimal realism throughout.

Bottom Line

There are numerous ways to conceal bald areas. For minor patches of lost locks, simple remedies include adjusting your hairdo, using a hair-concealing product, and using a cap. For persistent hair loss, purchase a high-quality hairpiece that complements your style and conceals the bald spot. Choose Lordhair now!