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Online Slots: Genres

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Online slot games are loved by many players due to their simplicity and variety. Many online casinos devote a significant portion of their game libraries, or as some players call it, the virtual casino floor, to slot games. Some online casino providers even specialise exclusively in providing slot games.

While there isn’t an exact percentage that applies uniformly to all online casinos accessible in the UK, it’s not uncommon for slot games to make up anywhere from 50%, 70% or more, of the total game selection on many online casino websites.

With the online slot industry being vast and diverse, it offers a wide range of slot game genres to cater to various preferences and interests of players. Therefore, we wanted to take a look at just a handful of the many genres you could spot the next time you log in and step onto a virtual casino floor.

Let’s take a look at just some of the common genres of slot games available in the UK and elsewhere:

  • Classic Slots – These are traditional slot games with simple gameplay and typically feature three reels and a limited number of paylines. You’ll find the games that fall within the classic slot genre pay homage to the traditional, original-style slot machines.


  • Video Slots – These are the most common type of slot games, featuring modern graphics, interactive gameplay, and multiple paylines.


  • Fantasy Slots – Games with fantasy themes often involve magical creatures, mythical worlds, and fantastical elements, such as Greek gods, leprechauns and so much more.


  • Adventure Slots – This genre of slot, allows players to unearth ‘new’ worlds as they head on a quest within the game, usually with a main character as their tour guide.


  • Ancient Civilisation Slots – Themes based on ancient civilisations, such as Egypt, Rome, or Greece, are quite popular, as well as ancient lands and realms created by game developers.


  • Animal and Nature Slots – These Slots feature various animals and nature-related themes, such as buffalos, fish, sharks and so much more!


  • Sci-Fi and Space Slots – Slots found within this genre are futuristic and space-themed games with advanced technology and interstellar settings.


  • Horror and Halloween Slots – If spooky and horror-themed games often associated with Halloween are your thing, you’ll want to head towards this section of the gaming floor.


  • Sports Slots – If sport is more your thing, there’s a whole genre of slot games based on various sports, like football, basketball, or horse racing.


  • Music and movie Slots – If you’re looking for games inspired by popular movies, TV shows, or music bands, there are a few games within this genre ready and waiting for you to play.


  • Fruit Slots – A throwback to classic slot machines, featuring fruit symbols such as lemons, cherries and all the other classic symbols.


  • Oriental Slots – You’ll find many games with themes inspired by Asian cultures and traditions on the casino floor, either set in the modern day or in the past.


  • Crime and mystery Slots – How about solving a mystery as you spin the reels? Games centred around crime-solving and mystery-solving themes can also be discovered on the virtual casino floor.

These are just some of the many games you can find online, and with the online slot industry continuously evolving, new themes and genres are being introduced regularly – it’s always worth looking in the new slot section once in a while.

Now you know more about the sorts of themes and genres you can find on the online casino floor, what genre will you be playing next? Classic? Sporty? Sci-fi? The choice, as always, is yours!